Milk Factory

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The Story of the Assistant to the Regional Milk Manager

Milk Factory

Horde Guild, The Underbog, US

December 1, 2021 by TheCrayon


This particular story begins in Revendreth. Here we meet Blicksasmusmaximus or as the locals call him “Blickzy”. An orphan of the Shadowlands who lives with his long lost Uncle Renathal in Sinfall. In the beginning he was a strong soul trying to find his place within this new content. After much trial and error, he received a message from a shaman named Wato. Blickzy thought to himself this message felt personal, as if he was destined to respond to this shaman. Little did our friend know this would change the course of his life. He became one with the Milk Familly.

Blickzy quickly rose ranks within the Milk Factory. He also served as one of the primary healers for raid. What he was doing became vital to the successes of the guild. Life was good! Evil bosses in Castle Nathria were dying, Blickzy was meeting new travelers, and he now was an officer in the guild….however this was short lived….

One cold day in the Maw (also probably something to do with Activision’s holiday parties) a patch arrived. This patch while beneficial to most absolutely nerfed everything Blickzy had loved about his class. Lost within himself he struggled to thrive in the Shadowlands. Or so we thought….


Da nah nuh nah nuh nuh. Push it to the limit. Da nah nuh nah nuh nuh.

After much grinding and deep thinking, Blickzy arose a new like a phoenix from the ashes of the nerf. Still living with his Uncle Renathal in Sinfall our hero was now among the best of pumpers or boom booms in the Factory (actually of all pumpers on the cross realms).

During his time mastering his skill he also became co-leader (or assistant to the regional milk). He became a voice of reason in dark times, a beacon of light for those lost in the shadowlands, and a great friend of the factory.

This story serves to remind us that good is everywhere no matter the nerfs thrown at us or souls lost back to the Maw.


He is still a baddy in another universe…HoTs.