Milk Factory

Horde Guild, The Underbog, US


AOTC and Ahead of their Time

The Factory has finally done it.....Sire on heroic!

Milk Factory

Horde Guild, The Underbog, US

April 1, 2021 by TheCrayon

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Since you’ve all last heard from The Factory they were clearing Castle Nathria on normal. A lot has changed since that day….

On a cold dark night in Revendreth something felt different, even Sire felt the air was off this night. The Factory entered Castle Nathria for their weekly heroic raid. By gaining four Sludgefist heads, The Factory was able to skip most of the fights and get to Sire in record time. Shriekwing, Sludgefist, and Stone Legion Generals proved no match for this band of lactose.

Weeks of preparation lead up to tonight…

Their fearless tanks Big Daddy Leesteege and Brick Daddy lead The Factory into combat. Perfecting the three phases they allowed the guild to anticipate every move Sire would make and be as effective as possible.

The DPS has come a long way since last you have heard. Many same faces remain, but a few utters have shown their pump powers.

After a few attempts of getting into phase three, it almost seemed like a wall was being hit.


The goddess of the tables arrived…Kamayla of House Flappy Bird. The backbone of everything this guild stands for, who week after week makes sure the raid has everything it needs. Kamayla proved to be the push we all needed to get Sire down.

A new day has dawned in the Shadowlands. The Factory a guild once considered a meme has now proven themselves among the most elite of tribes.


A deep love for all in the Factory