Milk Factory

Horde Guild • The Underbog • US • Retail


Brother Bear

In the latest WoW expansion we meet an unlikely duo, a bear and an elf. Brothers forged in battle.

Milk Factory

Horde Guild, The Underbog, US

January 12, 2021 by TheCrayon


Shadowlands is the story of the afterlife, a place where souls are not getting sorted according to the lives they led. The zone separated by four different Covenants. Covenants meant to separate those into groups of similar kin.... or so we thought. 

Our story begins with two heroes, separated by different covenants but oh-so similar individuals. Nabbed of the Night Fae, defender of Ardenweald. A natural born leader of the pack and protector of ranged DPS. The other, Listgo of Kyrian blood, guardian of Bastion. Selfless by nature and a teacher in the ways of the light. 
Separated in the afterlife, our heroes not knowing of each other early in the expansion. Linked together by a call to arms by our Shaman friend Wato. The two protectors of their Covenant now had a new house to protect, the Milk Factory. 

During the first raid on Castle Nathria the Factory soon realized these two were more than our main tanks, they were brothers. Playing to each other's strengths and having this innate ability to know what the other's next move and thought was. Flawlessly exchanging taunts, maneuvering bosses, and taking hold of the raid. Allowing the damage and healers to have solace knowing no big monster was going to take their life.

It is thanks to these two heroes; the Milk Factory is now on the map as a legitimate guild...a place others can call home regardless of house differences. 

An unlikely duo some might say, a bear and an elf now paving the way for the Factory...protectors of their realms and the Factory.