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Welcome Aboard

Welcome to MIDWATCH!!


Alliance Guild, Trollbane, US

January 3, 2023


Welcome to MIDWATCH, here we aim to find people who are can work together and achieve greatness while having fun at the same time. Myself (Tahdah), EZE and Shotmama have been playing wow since vanilla on and off. We have played at all levels of the game and have a good knowledge of all classes and specs. Our goal is to create a fun environment to play in and smash high keys and raid bosses in the process. We are currently working on getting a solid raid team together that raids twice a week. We are not hardcore nor are we just casual (well Shotmama is). We just want to put in a couple good hours a week in and make solid progress. We will shoot for and achieve getting the AOTC achievement whenever possible. We are excited to have you in the guild and look forward to playing with you!