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Crunch Time - How to Order Crafted High Item Level Gear from Another Player

Whether you found someone in trade chat or you have a reliable guildmate, the steps to getting powerful gear crafted aren't exactly spelled out in-game for you, so let's try and fix that!

Midnight Crisis

Horde Guild, Gnomeregan, US

August 1, 2023 by Norumu

Last Update: 9 November 2023 by Norumu


This guide is currently written for Dragonflight Season 3 and last updated on November 9, 2023.

Professions have changed quite a bit in Dragonflight, with the most notable change being the ability for virtually all professions to provide some of the highest item levels of gear for just about every equipment slot. The current system allows a character to get some of the strongest gear possible at almost every level of their endgame gearing journey. However, the time and consistent effort needed to have the crafting skill to make all of that gear might be too much for some players to get into, especially if they're only just getting into Dragonflight endgame now. Luckily, you can request that other players craft that gear for you, and hopefully this guide helps you feel more comfortable with doing exactly that.

Things You'll Need

  • Spark of Dreams (or two, if you're getting a 2-Handed or Ranged weapon crafted)
  • The rest of the materials for the item and/or enough gold to cover the cost of them
  • NPCs "Head Clerk Mimzy Sprazzlerock", "Clerk Scaravelle", or "Clerk Silverpaw" in Valdrakken's Artisan Market area

Things You May Want

  • The name (and server if you're on a Connected Realm) of a crafter that can make the item you need at the power level you need
  • To pick the secondary stats for most crafted items: Draconic Missive of ____ (depends on which stat combo you want, like Haste/Mastery is Feverflare)
  • For up to item level 476: Enchanted Wyrm's Dreaming Crest
  • For up to item level 486: Enchanted Aspect's Dreaming Crest
  • For PVP up to item level 489 in Battlegrounds and Arenas: ___ Trophy of Conquest
  • Added Embellishment items
  • Gold for a nice tip to the crafter to incentivize them or to make friends


Getting Spark of Dreams

First thing you will need is a Spark of Dreams or two. These sparks are a limited access item resource for Dragonflight Season 3 that is required for ALL of the high-powered crafted gear. These are received in pieces called "Splintered Spark of Dreams", and two Splinters make one Spark. The normal cadence of receiving Sparks of Dreams is one every two weeks until Blizzard implements catch-up mechanics for alts or returning players later in the season.

If this is your first Spark of Dreams, you will want to talk to Lady Moonberry in the Emerald Dream central base camp to obtain the quest, "Dreams Unified" which asks you to find another Splintered Spark of Dreams. Upon completion, you'll get a second Splintered Spark of Dreams to get your first complete Spark of Dreams.

You get a guaranteed Splintered Spark of Dreams from the following methods:

  • Completing the weekly 1500 reputation quest for Dream Wardens: "A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens" obtained from the center base camp in the Emerald Dream zone in the Dragon Isles

Every piece of crafted gear requires at least one Spark of Dreams. Two-handed weapons, including Hunter ranged weapons and caster staves, require two Spark of Dreams per weapon. Fury Warriors will uniquely need four Spark of Dreams if they're planning on having two 2H weapons crafted, otherwise every other class/spec should only need two Sparks for their weapons.

Getting the Other Materials

Just about every item is unique in what they need. Plate armor needs blacksmith-crafted alloys, mail and leather armor needs various kinds of skinned and crafted leather or scales, and so on. The vast majority of the materials needed for these crafts can be found on the Auction House, but some materials will absolutely cost more than others. For example, the alloys needed for most weapons and plate armor will be dramatically more expensive than the cloth needed for most cloth armor pieces.

To find out what materials you need, you can use online resources like Wowhead or you can open up the "Place Crafting Order" menu with the NPCs "Head Clerk Mimzy Sprazzlerock", "Clerk Scaravelle", or "Clerk Silverpaw" in Valdrakken's Artisan Market area, look up the item you want crafted, and the menu interface will show you the list of materials you need.

Once you have that list, you can either obtain or purchase the components you need from the Auction House. Some materials will have variable versions, marked with one to three diamonds on the icon. One being the worst and three being the best, these materials have varying quality that will affect the potential outcome of the craft. If you're looking for the best possible craft for top-level gear, you'll want to include the best quality materials otherwise you risk getting a lower-quality item which can mean a weaker piece of gear, for example. For lower-level gear, or items that do not have variable quality like pets, you can get by with the cheapest components.

Additionally, there are some materials that are harder to obtain and/or are quite rare. Examples are below:

  • Artisan's Mettle - A non-tradeable resource obtained by gaining Dragon Isle Profession Knowledge, the weekly Show Your Mettle quest, or the Specialized Secrets repeatable quest
    • This is a limited resource for active crafters and is often used to guarantee the best quality crafts through use of an Illustrious Insight, as such, it's best practice that the person requesting the craft provide the necessary mettle or communicate about payment for it ahead of time. Expect to pay significant gold for some high-level crafters.
  • Elemental Soul - A non-tradeable resource obtained through a frustrating series of steps. Comes in Airy, Earthen, Fiery, Frosty varieties. In order to get an elemental soul:
      • Obtain a Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler. It's made by Engineering and can be traded for on the Auction House
      • Obtain an Empty Soul Cage. It's made by Jewelcrafting and can be traded for on the Auction House
      • Find an Elite elemental enemy of the appropriate element in the outdoor zones of the Dragon Isles
      • Use and channel the whole duration of the Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler on the Rare elemental while it is alive. This will aggro it, and most of them have abilities that can interrupt the channeling.
      • Kill the elemental while they have the resulting debuff from a full channel of the Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler
      • Your Empty Soul Cage will transform into Encaged <Element> Soul
      • Wait 15 minutes
      • The Encaged <Element> Soul will transform into Docile <Element> Soul
      • Open and loot the Docile <Element> Soul
        • This process needs to be completed for each elemental soul you require.
        • You can only have one Encaged Soul of a specific element at a time, so if you are waiting the 15 minutes for a Fiery soul, you cannot capture another Fiery soul until the first one becomes docile. You can go get other elements during this time, though.
        • The Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler gets a 5 minute cooldown after a successful channel. Otherwise, it gets a 45 second cooldown.
  • Shadowflame Essence - A tradeable resource rarely obtained from bosses in the Aberrus raid. Can be found on the Auction House, but may be expensive compared to other materials.
  • Obsidian Cobraskin - A tradeable resource rarely obtained from skinning an Elusive Magma Cobra, which can only be spawned by a Skinner with a maxed out Bait Mastery knowledge tree using an Elusive Creature Bait in a specific lava pool in the Zaralek Caverns. The Elusive Magma Cobra can only be skinned for resources once per day. Can be found on the Auction House, but may be expensive compared to other materials.
  • Dracothyst - A tradeable resource created by Alchemists through Transmutation. Transmutes are limited and this requires a lot of material to make. Can be found on the Auction house, but may be expensive compared to other materials.

Other Things You May Want

A Personal Crafter

You might have seen someone advertising in Trade chat or you might have a friend who put in the work to max out the crafting knowledge needed to make the best version of your favorite gear piece. Maybe you just want to work with someone directly because the Public Order results have been miserable, and you want to set a Minimum Quality requirement. You'll probably want to make a Personal Order when submitting your craft request. For that, you just need the name (and server if you're on a Connected Realm) of a crafter that can make the item you need at the power level you need.

It's also worth knowing that crafters can only do a few Public Orders per day, so high-skill crafters may not be able to get your Public Order, so looking into doing a Personal Order can help guarantee a high level craft.

Choosing Secondary Stats on Gear

To pick the secondary stats for many crafted gear items, you will need a Draconic Missive of ____ (depends on which stat combo you want, like Haste/Mastery is Feverflare). These are created via Inscription and can be traded on the Auction House. These also have a quality to them. The quality does not affect the secondary stats themselves, but can affect the outcome of your craft, as lower-quality missives add additional difficulty to the crafting recipe that the crafter has to overcome.

Note: Recipes that are Embellished by default, such as the Undulating Sporecloak, cannot use a Missive to change the secondary stats on them. The secondary stats on Embellished recipes are locked.

Higher Item Levels

High-tier crafted gear using Sparks of Dreams can only be up to item level 424 unless you include an Optional Reagent to change that.

  • For PVE item level up to 476, you need an Enchanted Wyrm's Dreaming Crest
  • For PVE item level up to 486: Enchanted Aspect's Dreaming Crest
    • Enchanted Dreaming Crests are created by Enchanters and require either Wyrm's or Aspect's Dreaming Crests received from doing difficult content like the Dawn of the Aspects mythic megadungeon, Mythic+ dungeons level 10 or higher, and Heroic or Mythic Aberrus.
    • Enchanted Dreaming Crests are not tradeable and cannot be found on the Auction House.
    • Enchanted Wyrm's Dreaming Crests require a Nascent Wyrm's Dreaming Crest, which are sold by Andoris, a Dracthyr NPC near the Enchanting stations in Valdrakken for 45 Wyrm's Dreaming Crests each
    • Enchanted Aspect's Dreaming Crests require a Nascent Aspect's Dreaming Crest, which are sold by Andoris, a Dracthyr NPC near the Enchanting stations in Valdrakken for 60 Aspect's Dreaming Crests each
  • For PVP up to item level 489 in Battlegrounds and Arenas: Trophy of Conquest
    • These come in a few forms, each for their own specific gear pieces. They can be obtained through quest rewards, PVP rewards, or PVP currency vendors.

Added Embellishment Items

Many item recipes can have an Optional Reagent included to add an Embellishment, such as the Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch, to add a special effect to the item. A character can only have two Embellished items equipped at a time, and this includes any item recipes that are Embellished by default, such as the Venom-Steeped Stompers.

Tipping Your Crafter

Generally, you may wish to provide gold to the crafter to not only incentivize them to make the thing, but to maintain a positive relationship. Every crafter will have their expectation, though, so it's good practice to communicate ahead of time if you're submitting Personal crafting orders. Otherwise, if you're submitting Public crafting orders, more gold is likely to attract someone to craft your item more quickly. Crafters can only do a few Public crafts per day, though, so some crafters may be picky about how much gold they're getting for their daily craft limits.

Submitting a Craft Order

Look for Head Clerk Mimzy Sprazzlerock, Clerk Scaravelle, or Clerk Silverpaw in Valdrakken's Artisan Market area and speak with any one of them. This will open the "Place Crafting Order" menu interface where you can either use the Search bar at the top or the categories on the left to find the item you wish to have crafted.


Once you find the item you wish to have crafted, select the materials you wish to provide, including any Optional Reagents. As a reminder, Sparks and certain Optional Reagents are required to be provided by the person requesting the craft. For the best results, it's recommended you provide all of the materials and reagents for the craft. As a reminder, if you're trying to get a high item level piece of gear crafted, it's recommended to provide the highest quality crafting materials to help ensure a successful craft.

On the right side of this menu, you'll find some additional fields:

  • Order type dropdown provides three options
    • Public Order - This selection puts your crafting request into a queue for any crafter to potentially attempt if they have the recipe. This is a great option if you don't care about the quality of the result, or if you wish to remain hands-off when it comes to interacting with crafters
    • Guild Order - This is similar to a Public Order, but only shows up to crafters in your guild. Very handy if you have over-eager crafters in your guild and you don't want to memorize which of their characters makes which kind of item. You can also set a Minimum Quality of the resulting item with a Guild Order.
    • Personal Order - This will add a To: field and a Minimum Quality dropdown. You will need to add the name of the crafter you wish to send this request to. If you are on a Connected Realm, then you'll need to include the server they're on in the format "Name-Server"
  • Note to Crafter - Just an open field to include whatever other information you wish. Do not expect this to get read by people fulfilling Public Orders
  • Commission - This is where you tip your crafter or pay for the material you chose not to provide, minimum is 1 silver. Crafters will only receive this money if they successfully complete the craft. The game takes a 5% cut of the commission before it's given to the crafter, so feel free to plan around that if you wish
  • Duration - How long you wish to leave the order up. Only three options: 12, 24, 48 hours
  • Posting Fee - How much the game charges you to put up the order, affected by the duration you selected
  • Total Price - A sum of your posting fee + your commission amount

Once everything's selected and filled out, you'll be able to press the Place Order button. If you needed to cancel the order before it was completed for any reason, you can find it by clicking the "My Orders" tab at the bottom of this menu, selecting the order from the list, and choose to cancel it from there. You'll receive everything except your Posting Fee back if you cancel an order, or if the duration expires without being crafted.

And... that's it! Hope this helps!