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Crunch Time - How to Upgrade your Dragonflight Season 2 Gear

Once you're done grinding levels, it's time to grind item levels! Dragonflight Season 2 added gear upgrade paths for items dropped in virtually all content, as well as some new changes to high-level crafting professions!

Midnight Crisis

Horde Guild, Gnomeregan, US

July 20, 2023 by Norumu

Last Update: 27 September 2023


In WoW Dragonflight Season 2, the gear that is dropped from enemies/bosses/content and gear that is crafted with Spark of Shadowflame through a profession have two different ways to upgrade (most) pieces.


Gear that is dropped in content At level 70, items from most enemies, raids, dungeons, quests, and related content will drop within a specific "upgrade track" tier. Each tier has a range of ilvls that piece can be upgraded to. The tiers are:

  • Explorer: ilvl 376 - 398
  • Adventurer: ilvl 389 - 411
  • Veteran: ilvl 402 - 424
  • Champion: ilvl 415 - 437
  • Hero: ilvl 428 - 441
  • Myth: ilvl 441 - 447

These item tiers drop the the following content:

  • Explorer and Adventurer: most open world content, quests, and dungeon difficulties below Mythic+
  • Veteran tier: Mythic+ dungeon levels 2-8, Raid Finder Aberrus, weekly Fyrakk Assault
  • Champion tier: Mythic+ levels 9-16, Normal Aberrus
  • Hero tier: Mythic+ levels 17+, Heroic Aberrus
  • Myth tier: Weekly Vault from Mythic+ levels 17, some Heroic Neltharion and Sarkareth gear, and Mythic Aberrus drops.
    • Some Mythic Aberrus drops are on their own level and cannot be upgraded further

When you have a piece of dropped gear that is not at the max ilvl of its tier, for example a Veteran piece that is ilvl 411, you can upgrade that item at one of the Item Upgrade NPCs in the world.

Location of Item Upgrade NPCs

  • Valdrakken - Corxian - /way 44.3 36.5 - In the training dummy/PVP vendor area, entrance at /way 40.3 45.4
  • Valdrakken - Erza - /way 38.6 37.1 - In a small building where the Primal Researchers and Storm Sigial quests are picked up
  • Zaralek Caverns - Cuzolth - /way 56.6 56 - Inside the central building/inn of Loamm
  • Forbidden Reach - Researcher Baneflare - /way 37.5 59.4 - At the basecamp with all the quest NPCs
  • Inside Aberrus - Cuzolth - Right next to the repair NPC near the entrance/spirit release point

To upgrade the items at these Item Upgrade NPCs, you need Flightstones and may need Shadowflame Crests.

  • Flightstones are a currency that you can keep track of in the Currency menu (default hotkey: U). You can hold up to 2000 Flightstones at a time, and there is no limit to how many Flightstones you can receive per day/week. Flightstones are rewarded in most forms of content, including World Quests, world treasures, dungeon completion, raid bosses, and more. The harder the content, the more Flightstones you get from it.
  • Shadowflame Crests are items that are typically received as fragments. You need 15 of a particular Shadowflame Crest fragment to then use them from your bags to get 1 Shadowflame Crest of that tier. There are four tiers of Shadowflame Crests and they are recieved from varying levels of content.
    • Whelpling: Raid Finder Aberrus, Mythic+ levels 6 and below, World Quests, Treasures, and Zaralek Caverns activities, Sold by Spinsoa
    • Drake: Mythic+ levels 6-10, Normal Aberrus, Weekly Events in Zaralek Caverns, Sold by Spinsoa
    • Wyrm: Mythic+ levels 11-15, Heroic Aberrus
    • Aspect: Mythic+ levels 16+, Mythic Aberrus, Mythic Dawn of the Infinites

There is an NPC named Vaskarn in the central building in Loamm in Zaralek Caverns that allows you to trade down your Shadowflame Crests. For example, you can buy a Wyrm's Shadowflame Crest for an Aspect's Shadowflame Crest.

The cost of upgrading gear is variable depending on what kind of equipment it is, the tier of the item, what upgrade level it's currently at, and whether or not you already have an item for that equipment slot that is a high ilvl.

  • Explorer: Only costs Flightstones
  • Adventurer: Only Flightstones up to ilvl 398, then also needs Whelpling's Shadowflame Crest per upgrade up to 411
  • Veteran: Flightstones + Whelpling's Shadowflame Crest per upgrade until 411, then Flightstones + Drake's Shadowflame Crest per upgrade until 424
  • Champion: Flightstones + Drake's Shadowflame Crest per upgrade until 424, then Flightstones + Wyrm's Shadowflame Crest per upgrade until 437
  • Hero: Flightstones + Wyrm's Shadowflame Crest per upgrade until 437, then Flightstones + Aspect's Shadowflame Crest to 441
  • Myth: Flightstones + Aspect's Shadowflame Crest per upgrade until 447

If you already have an item that is a higher ilvl for the same equipment slot you're trying to upgrade, then the amount of Flightstones needed per level is reduced, and all Crest requirements are removed. For example, if you have an ilvl 447 Helmet, then upgrading another Helmet of any level below that will only cost a reduced number of Flightstones and zero Shadowflame Crests.

You need to have two high-level Rings and Trinkets for this discount feature to take effect. Same for classes who dual-wield weapons. A single high-level 2-handed weapon that you class can equip will count as have both weapon slots covered for this discount, so a mage with an ilvl 447 staff won't need Shadowflame Crests to upgrade a 1H sword or off-hand item.



High-tier crafted items are Epic quality items that require a "Spark" as one of their primary reagents. For Dragonflight Season 2, you need to be using a Spark of Shadowflame for high-tier crafts.

Items crafted with a Spark of Shadowflame can be up to ilvl 424 depending on crafting quality. Additionally, you can include an Enchanted Wyrm's Shadowflame Crest or an Enchanted Aspect's Shadowflame Crest as an Optional Reagent to a high-tier crafted item that has a Spark of Shadowflame to boost the ilvl even further. Both of these Enchanted Shadowflame Crests are crafted by characters with the Enchanting profession, which can be ordered via Crafting Requests for non-enchanter character.

Enchanted Wyrm's Shadowflame Crest - ilvl 424-437

  • 60x Chromatic Dust
  • 10x Vibrant Shard
  • 2x Resonant Crystal
  • 1x Dracothyst
  • 3x Wyrm's Shadowflame Crest

Enchanted Aspect's Shadowflame Crest - ilvl 434-447

  • 80x Chromatic Dust
  • 15x Vibrant Shard
  • 4x Resonant Crystal
  • 2x Dracothyst
  • 4x Aspect's Shadowflame Crest

These optional reagents need to be added in the Craft Request if you need it freshly made or included in a Recraft Request of an existing version of the item. It is highly recommend to find a skilled crafter to make your higher-level gear, as it takes significant time investment into the profession knowledge trees to successfully craft ilvl 437 and 447 items.