Midnight Crisis

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Crunch Time - A Quick Guide on Gearing Up a Fresh Level 70

Whether this is your first level 70 character or your tenth, Dragonflight Season 2 has quite a few handy and fairly easy systems in place to get you geared up for Mythic+ dungeons and the Aberrus raid in no time!

Midnight Crisis

Horde Guild, Gnomeregan, US

July 20, 2023 by Norumu

Last Update: 13 November 2023 by Norumu


This guide was last updated on November 12, 2023

Sorting through all of the content available in the Dragonflight endgame, World of Warcraft has a handful of activities and options for fresh level 70 players to get some quick boosts in power.

Superbloom Weekly Quest

Type of Content: Weekly quest, on a schedule, world event

Rewards: Random

Once you've progressed in the Emerald Dream campaign questline far enough, in the Emerald Dream zone, there is an Ancient of Life named Sprucecrown who, starting at the top of the hour, starts a journey around the Emerald Dream zone with all kinds of action going on. He has a helpful NPC Dryad named Clarelle that offers a short guide on how it works, as well as the Weekly Quest you're looking for.

Once the Superbloom event starts at the top of the hour, some fruit spawns near Sprucecrown and Clarelle that you can Use to get some unique buffs throughout the event. From here, you'll follow along on their journey around the zone running through bug swarms, watering flowers, catching energy, killing attackers and nightmares, and more. Participating in the activities long the way fills up a progress bar to give additional rewards that can include cosmetics, mounts, and various Dreamseeds.

Once the trip is complete, you can turn in your weekly quest for a potentially solid piece of Veteran track loot in the ilvl 441-447 range.

A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens

Type of Content: Weekly quest, reputation grind

Rewards: Splintered Spark of Dreams, Random Gear

Once you've progressed in the Emerald Dream campaign questline far enough, Keeper Amrymn in the Emerald Dream offers a Weekly quest to obtain 1500 reputation with the Dream Wardens. You can get reputation by looting treasure items, completing Superblooms, doing World Quests, continuing the campaign quests, successfully planting and looting Dreamseeds, and more in the Emerald Dream. Once complete, you'll get a handful of items including a Veteran-track item and a Splintered Spark of Dreams that can be used for high-level crafted equipment.

Blooming Dreamseeds

Type of Content: Weekly quest, spammable activity

Rewards: Random Gear, cosmetics

In the Emerald Dream zone, you'll occasionally collect Dreamseeds of various qualities. Once reaching access to the zone's central hub and its sidequests, Talisa Whisperbloom should offer a quest called "Blooming Dreamseeds" that required you plant 5 Dreamseeds arounds the zone. These seeds can be of any quality, and you only need to plant them to get credit towards the quest. Once completed, you should recieve a Veteran-track piece of equipment. Additionally, if you wait to harvest the plant bulbs of your seeds, they provide 250 Dream Warden renown per seed for the first five, then 5 per seed after. Plus you could potentially hold Adventure-track items, mounts, and cosmetics!


Type of Content: Grindy, on a schedule, killing rares

Rewards: All gear slots except trinkets

Arguably the easiest way to get caught up with a fresh level 70, Dreamsurges are a feature that exist in one of the four Dragonflight zones per week and are always providing some kind of gearing opportunity.

There is a weekly quest for Dreamsurges that has you do a variety of activities in the zone, listed below, in exchange for an ilvl 428 Adventurer track item of your choice.

  1. Collect Dreamsurge Coalescence - Killing enemies, doing World Quests, and flying through sparkly green orbs all throughout the Dreamsurge zone provides a green powder item called Dreamsurge Coalescence.
    • Dreamsurge Coalescence can be used as currency to purchase ilvl 415 Explorer track gear from one of the Dreamsurge vendors as well as a mount, two toys, and two pets.
  2. Kill Rare Spawns - Once per day per character, you can kill one of the zone's Rare spawn enemies for additional loot, including Dreamsurge Coalescence and a random Bind on Account gear token.
    • These Rare spawns are empowered by the Dreamsurge, so may be difficult to solo, but with enough people around or a group, should be fairly doable.
  3. Participate in a Dreamsurge - Every 30 minutes on the hour, a portal will spawn in the zone where a bunch of enemies will spawn around. Kill enough enemies, and a big bad Flame Lieutenant will come out of the portal who can be killed for additional loot

An additional perk of this content is that if you're trying to gear up an alt, you can do all of this grinding on a better geared main character and still reap the rewards to gear up your alts, making this simply the best and fastest way to gear up alts at this time.


Crafting Item Level 447 Gear

Type of Content: Professions

Rewards: Most gear types, specifically chosen

You can get up to item level 447 gear pieces crafted for all slots except trinkets. These items cannot be upgraded beyond this point, but are great for catching up!

  1. Obtain 30 Whelpling's Dreaming Crests. You can get these from the following activities:
    • World Quests
    • Killing Rare Spawn enemies in the world
    • Looting treasures
    • Doing special events like the Superbloom or planting Dreamseeds
  2. Purchase a Nascent Whelpling's Dreaming Crest from Andoris near the Enchanting stations in Valdrakken
  3. Go to the Valdrakken Artisan's Market and put in a crafting order for an Enchanted Whelpling's Dreaming Crest to the public, your Guild, or your favorite enchanter who has the recipe. Alternatively, if you are an Enchanter, you can get the recipe to make this yourself by gathering treasures in the Emerald Dream. You will additionally need the following materials per Enchanted Crest craft/order
    • 30x Chromatic Dust
    • 5x Vibrant Shard
    • 1x Resonant Crystal
  4. Once the craft is complete, find your Enchanted Whelpling's Dreaming Crest in your mailbox
  5. Return to the Artisan's Market and put in a crafting order for the blue-quality armor, jewelry, or weapon you're looking to have a 447 version of, or craft it yourself if you have the profession.
    • NOTE: See the list below for the general names of blue-quality crafted gear items.
  6. Add the Enchanted Whelpling's Dreaming Crest in the Optional Reagents
  7. Send the crafting order to the public, Guild, or your favorite relevant crafter for that piece of gear.
    • NOTE: Public Craft Orders may not result in a 447 item level, as anyone can try to make it and may not have enough crafting skill for the best quality. For best results, communicate with your guild or find a trusted crafter on your server.
  8. Receive and equip!
  9. Repeat these steps as many times as you need to. You will need one Enchanted Wyrmling's Dreaming Crest per ilvl 447 gear piece.

Here list of the names/keywords to search for your specific gear type to use for these 408 pieces reference in Step 5 above


  • Explorer's (Plate)
  • Trailblazer's (Mail)
  • Pioneer's (Leather)
  • Surveyor's (Cloth)
  • Surveyor's (Back)
  • Band of New Beginnings (Ring, Unique-equipped, so can only use one)
  • Pendant of Impending Perils (Amulet)


  • Draconium weapons (melee, 1H caster, 2H caster mace)
  • Core Explorer's Compendium (Caster Offhand)
  • Overseer's Writhebark Stave (2H Caster Staff)
  • Pioneer's Writhebark Stave (2H Agi Staff)
  • P.E.W. x2 weapon (for Hunters)
  • Bonewrought crossbow weapon (for Hunters)


Time Rifts

Type of content: Grindy, on a schedule

Rewards: Trinkets, and weekly purchasable gear.

To the west of Valdrakken in Thaldraszus, there is an area where a Time Rift event will begin at the top of the hour, every hour. When the event begins, seek out the NPC Soridormi to join the fray, and then follow the somewhat random series of objectives to complete the Time Rift. This mostly involves killing enemies, clicking some objectives, solving puzzles, or stepping on some bombs. A Time Rift event concludes with a big portal in the middle that leads to a boss fight that can provide additional rewards, including equippable gear.

Completing objectives fills a bar at the top which provides increasing amounts of a currency called "Paracausal Flakes" which can be traded at various NPCs near Soridormi for some cosmetic items, mounts, and most importantly: trinkets. These trinkets are not very strong, but they're likely better than anything received while leveling. Additionally, completing time rifts may provide a "Dilated Time Capsule" you can trade to an NPC named Shi Everbreeze for item level 428 Adventurer track weapons and armor.