Horde Guild, Illidan, US


Tellie's No BS Shriekwing Guide


Horde Guild, Illidan, US

August 29, 2020 by Tellie

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Shriekwing has two phases:  
 - P1: Boss collects blood till it reaches 100
 - P2: Boss is blinded/stalks players w/sonar

P1: Thirst for Blood: So this boss wants to eat you and becomes engorged w/blood after it hits 100 blood 

Exsanguinating Bite: Inflicts 33K PHY dmg: Targets gain 10 applications of Exsanguinated
Exsanguinated: PHY dmg bleed every 2s, 10% healing received, snared: Targets hit leave Sanguine Ichor: Effect stacks
Earsplitting Shriek: 60 PHY dmg to everyone: Effect reduced by 75% if you line of sight w/pillar
Sanguine Ichor: Pool of crap on targets: Standing in it does 5K shadow dmg BUT removes stack of Exsanguinated every sec
Scent of Blood: Shriekwing selects a player and descends on them after 8s
Descent: 10K PHY dmg to all players w/in 6yds: You get 2 stacks of Exsanguinated if in range
-- Heroic/Mythic: Players hit by Descent leave Sanguine Ichor at location
Echo Screech: Shrieks inflict 60 PHY dmg to all players who come in contact and stuns for 6s

Strat ROBBLE ROBBLE OORAH: Lust on pull

Tanks: Keep the boss facing away from the raid in between 2 pillars to avoid frontal cone dmg
-- Periodically tank swap: OT stands in pools of ichor to remove exsanguinated

DPS: There are 4 pillars on the platform:
We will designate 1 for rdps/mdps

Boss casts Earsplitting Shriek? LOS behind pillars
Targeted with Dark Descent? You get a big circle around you: Use a defensive/GTFO 
- Dodge Echo Screech: They bounce: Pillars won't help
- Periodically remove stacks of exsanguinated by standing in Sanguine Ichor

P2: Terror of CN: Boss ate too much and is now Bloodgorged, so she's going to stalk us with Dark Sonar

Bloodgorge: When boss reaches 100 Blood: Boss has 99% reduced dmg taken:All players get stacks of Exsanguinated
Dark Sonar: Sonar waves that bounce are all over: Cowers for 4s, and if you get hit, you're targeted w/Deadly Descent
Sonar Shriek: Players in line of sight will be detected/hit w/Deadly Descent
Deadly Descent: Players detected are cowered for 4s: After 50s boss goes after you: Inflicts dmg to all players w/in 5yds
Murder Prey: Shriekwing instantly kills players

Boss teleports to middle of room: Casts Dark Sonar/moves around platform
-- Stand behind pillars to dodge sonar beams: If you get hit move out
-- Use pillars to dodge Murder prey