Memento Mori

Alliance Guild • Silvermoon • EU • Retail


Memento Mori founded

The start of an amazing journey

Memento Mori

Alliance Guild, Silvermoon, EU

October 18, 2023


15th of October 2023,


Memento Mori is founded.


We started this guild with five founding members, who all love the challenge of raiding and want to become more serious about pushing Mythic raiding content. Coming from a guild where we were frustrated by the lack of progression we decided to step up. With experienced leadership in our midst and all of the founding members taking on responsibilities in the guild, we decided to start a new Mythic raiding team together. Therein is where we believe our strength lies: Together we will turn this into a great success.


Right now our focus is on getting Aberrus AotC as a guild, as we're all 9/9 heroic players. Meanwhile we continue recruitment to get our Mythic raiding roster ready for 10.2.


If you're interested in joining, take a look at our recruitment post and check out the classes/specs we're recruiting. We're still open to most specs/classes!