MECH Empire

Alliance Guild, Twisting Nether, US


Now Recruiting! MECH Empire Seeking PvP Enthusiasts

MECH Empire

Alliance Guild, Twisting Nether, US

February 17, 2021 by Beefgarden

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Guild Name: <MECH Empire>

Faction: Alliance

Realm (US/EU): Twisting Nether (US)

Realm Timezone: CST (Central)

Guild Type/Focus: PvP (Arenas/RBGs), Leveling, 

Active Times: Weeknights after 5pm Server, and weekends throughout the day.

Openings: Come one, come all.

About the Guild: The MECH Empire was originally founded as a Role Playing guild on AOL’s Neverwinter nights back in 1994 (Celebrating our 27th year!).  The guild moved across multiple games over the years before landing on World of Warcraft in 2008.  We were an active RP-PvP (with some raid focus) guild until about 2016.  We have recently come back to WoW with Shadowlands and brushed back up on the game we loved so much and have decided to recruit again.  Currently we are a small guild but looking to grow.  We are open to take on people of all experience levels and are focusing on PvP.  We have also recently began to dig into Heroes of the Storm as a down time activity when we need WoW Breaks. 

Please reach out to Beefgarden#1956 on Battlenet with any questions or interest!