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Raid Expectations

We want you to enjoy gaming the way you want to game. However, there are some activities like raiding that require clear expectations so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

Maven Order

Horde Guild, Icecrown, US

November 19, 2020 by Aeventh


Not everyone in Maven Order wants to raid... and that's ok.

Not everyone in Maven Order that wants to raid wants to push Cutting Edge content... and that's ok.


If you want to raid... you will pull your weight.

If you want to raid to push Cutting Edge content, you must understand there are additional expectations.

Regular Raiding Expectations:

Have basic knowledge of the fights
Show up if you sign up
Don't expect to be carried (unless we are literally carrying you...)
Have raid addons installed
Be in Discord and listen to your raid lead
Be positive and encouraging
Don't stand in fire

Everyone wants to have fun. Winning is always fun... so let's do that.


Progression Raiding Expectations:

Have watched videos of scheduled fights and understand your role's responsibilities for that fight
Sign up and show up on time
Do what you can between raid days to perform the best you canShowing up only on raid days is typically not acceptable for a progression raider
Have raid addons installed
Be in Discord and listen to your raid leaderYour input is valuable, but try to let raid leads and assists make the call outs in Discord.
If we are missing call outs and you feel so compelled, maybe you should be an assist!
Mandatory Minimum PerformanceIf you keep dying to mechanics, you might be asked to sit.
If you can't pull minimum numbers to kill a boss before an enrage timer or you are a straight statistical abberation you might need to sit... but here's the thing, it takes a good person to recognize when they just don't have it that day and sit for the good of the team. Earn your victory in defeat.
Be positive and encouraging

At the end of the day we want to be the best we can be in all that we do in life. If what we are doing tonight is raiding, then we are going to do it right.

For those of you on the fence: don't be intimidated. Be honest with yourself and figure out what you want. We can help you get there.