Maven Order

Horde Guild • Icecrown • US • Retail


Recruitment Open for Shadowlands!

TLDR; if you are looking to push CE raid content or RBGs in Shadowlands, have a good sense of humor and aren’t a lightning rod for drama, Maven Order might be right for you!

Maven Order

Horde Guild, Icecrown, US

November 19, 2020 by Aeventh


Maven Order
Icecrown-US Horde
Progression raiding for SL @ 9PM EST on Tuesday and Thursday, with cleanup on Sundays.
RBG Team lead by multi Glad.

Maven Order is a new guild composed of veteran gamers that are coming together from many different servers.

Many of us have played together at some point or another over the last couple of decades- some stretching as far back as original EQ twenty years ago and others from any one of the many triple A MMO titles that launched since. Over the years we have each made some awesome memories with some incredible people. From fighting for Rank 1 against IQ and Sissy Bois in Guild Wars, to slinging time mages against city guards in Vanguard, or spamming server firsts in World PvP in Rift- we love gaming and we love doing it with friends that don’t like settling for mediocre.

Maybe you’ve been here before… you played a great game with some great people but over time you lost interest and moved on, finding new friends, new games, new adventures in life… and now? Here you are again, back to WoW, genuinely excited for what fun opportunities SL might bring, but most of the people you last played with don’t seem to be around anymore.

That’s where many of us were four weeks ago. Since then, our core group from Icecrown decided it was time to call the banners and reached out to every, still active, player on their friend’s lists to make an offer:

“Hey! A bunch of us are getting back together for Shadowlands, if you’re interested and want to push CE content again, we will happily pay for your server transfer!”

16 paid server transfers have gone out so far with three more in the wings. You are not alone.

Paid transfers may be available for any committed player that reaches out to us in Discord and is approved by one of our PvE Leads (@Officials in Discord) or our RBG Lead (@DooGz in Discord). If you take the time to check out the site, read the rules, hop in Discord and like the atmosphere, we are happy to support those that might not have the financial means to transfer at this time. COVID sucks. We know.

Community site at

Raid expectations @

If you made it this far and are still interested, join the Maven Order Discord server: c6328tR and post in #recruitment with your desired class/spec for Shadowlands and one of our leads will reach out to you within 24 hours!
Looking forward to meeting you!