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Season 2 Progression Raiding

Final details for Season 2 Progression Raiding in Marshal Law

Marshal Law

Alliance Guild, Aegwynn, US

May 8, 2023 by Shimmers

Last Update: 9 May 2023


Good evening, Marshal Law!


From Koadie Herring and myself, here's a few final updates before Season 2 starts tomorrow!


As previously announced, Progression Raiding will take place on Wednesday and Monday, 7:30P-10:00P Central/Server time. Invitations will start at 7PM. As soon as we get website/discord integration fixed, signups will be required. Not signing up means if we have comp, the raid will not be adjusted to accomodate players who didn't sign up. It's really easy: you can do it in Discord, on the Website, or In-Game! They're all linked! If are going to be late, please send a Direct Message in Discord to a raid lead. Repeated, consistent tardiness or absence after signing up may be cause for removal from primary roster (when Mythic Raiding begins). Sign-ups and punctuality are all about respecting your teammates and the time they're putting aside for raid.


A vote will be held over the course of the first week to name our raid team for Season 2, just like last season.


We will continue on with many things that the Hogger Raid Team developed last season. We will keep pulls steady in 3-5 pull bursts, with pull timers from the time rezzes go out on wipes, keeping comms clear outside of trash (when raid leads are not communicating), showing up with all your consumables, ready to buff up and start pulling at 7:30PM on the mark. If you are having trouble sourcing consumables, you should reach out to a raid lead before invites start at 7PM. Cauldrons will be available early in the season but may not be ready for the first week or two. Please prepare accordingly.


For Progression Team, there is an expectation for all members to master playing their own selected class and spec(s). Raid leads are happy to help anyone understand better how to manage raid situations, or offer tools to examine your own performance in an encounter, such as Wowanalyzer, but we do not profess to have in-depth knowledge of how each class and spec in the game plays, nor is that the scope of progression raid. If you need help with core elements of your class or spec's playstyle, Wowhead, Icyveins, and your class discord are fantastic points to start from.


Week one will have no firm performance requirements for raiding. We're getting in there--starting with normal--and getting a feel for the raid. We would expect anyone looking to raid to have at least looked at a video of the encounters. In week 2, an ilvl minimum will be established for Heroic Raid Progression. Raiders will have two full weeks before that ilvl requirement becomes a firm line. As we need to raise it for later-heroic into mythic progression, there will always be a two-week period before anyone is required to meet the new standard. The same two-week period will apply as DPS/HPS requirements may be placed on the raid deeper into progression.


Required Add-ons for ALL raiders:

  1. Bigwigs (or alternatively Deadly Boss Mods 'DBM'): A mod used to project major incoming mechanics and details about boss encounters. Also a very valuable tool in mythic plus dungeons. Bigwigs is highly customizable, but it may take some work to get it exactly how you'd like it. DBM has fewer customizations, but it's basically install and forget.
  2. Weak Auras: Weakauras is a mod that can import all kinds of strings to convey important information to help execute in raid and all types of conteent. In raid you will mostly use this to import WeakAura links shared in raid. Little to no customization will be needed.
  3. RCLootCouncil: This add-on is what we will use for loot distribution. It allows us to customize the roll responses from the defaults provided by Blizzard, and if you accidentally click the wrong type of roll, the raid leader is able to modify that before loot is distributed.
  4. Method Raid Tools (formerly Exodus Raid Tools, if you have that already): For the most part, you'll install this and forget about it. We need all raiders to have this installed so that raid leads can use it to help with strategy and analysis as we delve deeper into heroic raid and organize for mythic raid.


Optional, Recommended Add-ons:

  • GTFO: Blasts loud noises at you if you are standing in fire. Not even joking. Can be very helpful in encounters with lots of visuals on the floor space.
  • Plater: Customizable nameplate addon. Similar to how Weak Auras is used, you can import designs folks have already made to make major spells from enemies show up, along with countless other uses. Takes a bit to learn to customize, but it can be a very useful tool.


Chromie Raid, our casual, learning-style raid experience, is on a hiatus right now, but we are working on getting a raid leader set up to resume that group as quickly as possible.


Remember, top-end progression gameplay in Marshal Law is opt-in and in no way mandatory to be a part of our guild and community. If you do opt-in, please be respectful to your fellow raiders as we push hard into our goals this season!


Looking forward to raiding with y'all this season! Please don't hesistate to reach out if you have any questions.


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