Marshal Law

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Marshal Law is AotC as of 2/15/2023 in Dragonflight's Vault of the Incarnates.

Marshal Law

Alliance Guild, Aegwynn, US

March 17, 2023 by Shimmers



February 15, 2023

Since just before Dragonflight, two of the most active and progressive raiding guilds on the North American new player realm in World of Warcraft joined forces to create a large guild and community known as Marshal Law.

From the excitement of pre-patch to early adventures in the opening weeks of the Dragon Isles, the guild built a fever of excitement over a game we all love playing being overhauled and redesigned for a better player experience. Consequently, the former iteration of Marshal Law, now combined with the former guild Discipline, experienced a massive influx of new and returning players combining with steadfast raiders who survived the drawn-out, slow experience of Shadowlands. Where guild leadership expected a progression raid and a casual, learning-minded raid to exist, there was actually enough demand to create two full progression teams, as well as the expected casual and learning experience group. Marshal Law was in full gear, with five nights of raiding experience.


The two teams for progression were formed around the necessities of availability and comp, but also making sure to strike some balance between the two that both groups could achieve balanced progression. Thus were born Team Kalecgos and Team Wrathion.


Both teams quickly cleared the normal level content. As Kalecgos dove into the heroic instance, there were definitely some moments that took individual and group-wide focus and reorganization. Dathea, the Ascended in particular would test the team thoroughly; the one firm wall between us and Raszageth’s heroic encounter. Broodkeeper Diurna wouldn’t hold us for too long, thanks to Syrina, the warrior tank alt of Team Wrathion’s holy priest Eline. He was very generous with his time, bringing his warrior to step in to assist with the Broodkeeper clears as well as healing when needed when we were down a healer on occasion.


Raszageth would prove a real challenge for both groups. Several weeks were invested, and it was a photo finish which group would clear her health bar out first. While the kill fell the week of some heavy nerfs, both teams can take some pride in knowing their progression rates would have virtually guaranteed kills for both that week, even if balancing hadn’t occurred.


The whole experience has been truly exciting and humbling. Two groups of raiders joined together, bringing a vast array of talents and approaches to raid nights, and everyone on the team worked together over many weeks to find a common approach in and out of raid to bring the team cohesively together.

When the raid leads got together to discuss who to feature in a piece commissioned in honor of the guild’s AotC at the hands of team Kalecgos, there was an interest in featuring a few members of both those in and out of leadership. There’s always an air kept that no matter what or how the raid leaders want to lay out a raid plan, it has no real value if the whole team isn’t invested. While everyone showed a display of hard work for their team and as individuals, a few folks stood out and find themselves featured in this piece.


Sturtzire, Sturtza’s Vengeance Demon Hunter alt, joined the group mid-way through heroic progression to fill in a tank vacancy. His extensive experience and talent as a raid tank made for a smooth transition, really helping the core of the group push deeper into heroic progression.

Coyoterl, the team’s Enhance Shaman, came in strong and dialed up their performance week after week, while ultimately being the only shaman who could bring a variety of totemic utilities for our team. He also brought the strong pew on a couple alts through the season, staying very active with the raid team as well as mythic plus progression.

Snackums, a top-notch Monk and raider, came spinning and kicking into this raid team with some of the highest execution week over week, and also stepped in to tank a couple times as needed for coverage. He also maintained a significant amount of mythic plus progression time, serving as both a high-end DPS performer and knowledgeable tank in that content realm as well.

Herringhunt started this season as a new Junior Officer for Marshal Law and quickly earned a promotion after stepping up in a big way for his raid team. He helped coordinate raid leading with most major in-pull vocal coordination with no shortage of input in post-raid debrief as well. All this while continuing to perform well in the raid instance week after week on his Beast Mastery Hunter.

Boüh, a beast of a Discipline and Shadow priest, returned to Marshal Law after a bit of time away to pursue some personal raiding goals. When he returned to the team, he asked where he was needed and in what capacity, and he did not hesitate to get into our team, bringing both incredible healing power and a lot of laughter. You can count on an air of fun while executing at the highest level from Boüh.

Sekmet, Dalamri’s new Preservation Evoker for this season, may have had some real life obstacles to making every raid night, but his spirit was felt throughout the entire experience. In a group with a lot of players heavily grounded in progression assessment and performance metrics, he kept everyone on the raid leadership team and the raid at large reminded that, at the heart of Marshal Law and its raid teams, there has to be an element of fun, that we are playing a game, and if that was missing, much of what we were doing was for naught. In addition to being a fantastic healer for our team, he kept us grounded and that essence was always kept in the team, even when he needed to be away from the game.

Thus far, Marshal Law’s first season of raiding in Dragonflight is off to an incredible start. Two teams both achieving AotC, and now both teams merging to form a full mythic progression group is a really fantastic raid tier opener!


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