Marshal Law

Alliance Guild, Aegwynn, US


ANNOUNCEMENT | Marshal Law and Discipline Merge

Two of the top Alliance guilds on Gurubashi-Aegwynn-Hakkar-Daggerspine-Bonechewer-Garrosh have joined forces.

Marshal Law

Alliance Guild, Aegwynn, US

October 20, 2022 by Stocky


We are excited to announce that Marshal Law and Discipline have merged.

For the last 3 raid tiers both guilds have been in the top 3 Alliance raiding guilds on realm Gurubashi-Aegwynn-Hakkar-Daggerspine-Bonechewer-Garrosh.

1. Leadership

The new guild will retain the Marshal Law name. Officers from Discipline have joined the Marshal Law leadership group. Check it out at

2. Social

The guild leadership teams believed it important to keep our social-friendly cultures. We were excited to discover that both cultures are very similar. We hope this merger serves to enhance the social aspect of the guild.

Keep a lookout for more fun in-game events and IRL events to be announced in the future.

3. Raiding

The merger will allow for a powerful progression raiding team, allowing members to push further into endgame content.

In addition to endgame content, more opportunities will be created to allow for an enhanced learning experience for members wanting to learn to raid. The joining of forces expands the list of talented raid leaders, and, the pool of teaching talent available for our casual/learning raids.

4. Mythic+

The number of members who have achieved KSM and KSH has exponentially increased. This will allow for both:

a. Higher level key pushes for end-game players; and

b. The opportunity for everyone to play with others who can assist them achieve their own goals.

5. PvP

Both guilds have players who enjoy PvP. If you are interested in starting a guild PvP team, please let one of our Officers know. We would love to expand in this area of the game.

6. Questions

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to an Officer. We are all excited to get to know one another and are open to feedback anyone may have.