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Guild Ranking System

Marshal Law rewards involvement and members who help others. Our ranking system has been designed to reflect these values.

Marshal Law

Alliance Guild, Aegwynn, US

September 13, 2020 by Stocky

Last Update: 11 September 2021


Setting expectations are important in any organization, be it IRL or in WoW. Below are the guidelines applied to our ranking system. In some instances, Officers may make exceptions to these rules on a case by case basis. Any exception will need to be approved by a Guild Master.

Guild Master

CEO and standing Owner of the guild.

This person is responsible for:

- Mitigating and resolving issues that cannot be done so by the members off the Officer Staff. While this is a game, the community may need a Final voice in a multitude of situations, this person is that voice.

- Managing Ranks/Permissions for other members in the guild as well as updating the Guidelines as needed.

- Prioritizing the health and growth of the Community when making decisions for said Community.

Co-Guild Master (Co-GM)

Co-Owners of the Guild. Akin to a kind of Executive Board.

While the standing Guild Master has the Final Say in most regards, the Guild Master will turn to people(s) of this rank as an extension of themselves. They are responsible for:

- Assisting in administrative roles in the Discord Server, Guild Website, or within the game for the guild itself.

- Approving suggestions (along with the Guild Master) from Generals and Officers to move people from the Private/Sergeant roles to join the Officer Staff.

- Communicating with the Officer Staff on any issues that need resolution or tasks that are to be done to help in maintaining the Community and certain functions in-game whether it be events, the Guild Bank, etc.


A person of this rank is treated as a Senior Officer. While they share a similar role with the rest of the Officers, they may be called upon by the above to assist with a variety of tasks. They are responsible for:

- Communicating on issues among the other members of the Officer Staff.

- Assisting the above roles in tasks like removing inactive Members or promoting/demoting others outside of the Officer Staff.

Senior Officer

This role is for those seen as Members of the Guild who promote the core ideals of the guild. This is where privileges like bank/repair become more open. They are responsible for:

- Along with the above roles, maintaining a positive relationship with other Guild Members.

- The first point of contact with issues between members that could not be resolve between themselves, as well as other issues that may arise.

- Taking note of outstanding Guild Members and suggesting promotions to the above roles.

- Taking feedback from non-Officer members and sharing it with the above roles.

- Promoting the core ideals of the guild; to assist in facilitating a variety of gameplay and making it a fun experience for everyone.

- Trusted along with the above to remove people who are not a good fit with the guild. If this is done, please rovide a reason.

- Assisting the above roles if asked when it comes to administrative duties.

Junior Officer

This person is someone who has been approached by either the GM or the Co-GMs about promotions and joining the Officer Staff. They gain a level of guild privileges similar to the Officers. At an appropriate moment, people of this rank will fully join the ranks of the Guild Officers when the above roles feel the prospective member has shown that they are a good fit for the other Officers.


Although a bit abstract in concept, people of this role are people who stand out in the community as exceptional people. It is important to note that while someone may believe themselves to stand out, that this is subjective and meant to reward people who stand out and are an overall positive impact to the Guild overall, this does not impose a level of authority when it comes the Guild as a whole.


People of this rank make up the general populace of the Guild. It is not expected but strongly encouraged that you assist in the growth of the Guild and help out your fellow members. We keep this community running when everyone does their part in making sure this is a healthy and fun environment or themselves and other to enjoy our shared love for World of Warcraft!


This rank is the general landing for people newly invited into the guild and are moved to Private after a non-specific period of time. Some activity is expected in order to move from this rank.

Note: If you have any questions on the roles/expectations of each rank, please reach out to a member of the Officer Staff or Higher.


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