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9.1 Schedule and Mythic Raider Expectations

New raid days and expectations for mythic raiders in 9.1! Interested in joining? Reach out! New trial format coming soon!

Lüst On Ready Check

Horde Guild, Illidan, US

June 8, 2021 by KukuStormy


Raid Times 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8:00 PM CST -10:30 PM CST
5-minute break @ 9 PM CST (can be adjusted based on what is happening inside of raid)

Thursday will be mandatory unless stated otherwise. For example, if we kill a prog boss on Wednesday we would take Thursday off. Sometimes we get close to a kill and we just want to have another day that can be used if needed. 

Mondays will be log reviews and these will remain optional. 8:00 PM CST - 9:30 PM CST. The focus will be what’s preventing us from getting a kill and less mid-maxing. Mid-maxing can come later on after kills 2 or 3 happen. 


We will be sitting players more aggressively based on performance in 9.1. Unless we hit some sort of enrage timer on a boss, people will first be sat based on deaths and consistently failing mechanics when continual weekly progression is occurring on a boss.

We also want to ensure we are rotating people in and out based on what fights need. Alts will be allowed after we clear a boss 2 or 3 times. Max 2 alts per week depending on if we have any trials. If you perform equally to your main on an alt you can stay on your alt as long as we do not need your main for a specific boss. If you are not performing on an alt, then you will need to switch back to your main.

Player Attitude

  1. Don’t start any drama.
  2. Bring any issues you have to the officers so they can discuss and find a resolution.
  3. Work with other mythic raiders when provided and providing constructive criticism.
  4. Take personal responsibility for things that happen to you during the raid. EX: if you died, look to see why you died. If we ask you why you died just own up to the reason so we can work to help you improve.


  1. Consistency means we have to adapt less
  2. Mythic Raiders and Prospects who are joining need to log in 10 minutes early.  If you are going to be late please let us know.
  3. Let us know if you aren't going to show up and why no less than 1 hour before raid time.
  4. Mythic Raiding requires a minimum of 20 people to show up and know the plan consistently to complete it.
  5. Being good does not allow you to miss more time than others. The same standard for all

Skill Requirement

  1. Basics player skills needed to succeed in mythic raiding
  2. You need to be working for gear outside of raid nights (Running Mythic+)
  3. Only accepting 233 minimum to the raid (on alts after the initial clear.)
  4. Need to learn from a mechanic after failing it
  5. Speak up if you need assistance or change


  1. Prog night BOE's are guild priority.

The guild pays for the feast, all repairs, cauldrons, prepots, health pots, mana pots, oils, and armor kits with the money from the BOEs. If there is ever something you’d like added you can always let the officers know. 

The tools we will be used to assist us in mechanic assignments or any other assignments

  1. Weakaura
  2. Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs
  3. Exorus Raid Tools
  4. RC Loot Council -  To get mythic raiders more involved -we’ll rotate 1 raider each week to vote on loot. So it will be 2 officers & 1 mythic raider. Trials are not allowed to roll on loot.
  5. There will be more on the below when I release the Trial form.