Let Us Be Friends

Alliance Guild, Silvermoon, EU

Gold Making
Role Playing

310 22/25 9 Reports Audit



Who is Let Us Be Friends?

Let Us Be Friends is one of the most social and active guilds on Silvermoon. Not a day goes by in LUBF that there isn’t a raid going on: whether it is for newcomers who have wanted to dabble in raiding for the first time, for casuals who do it in their spare time, or for the semi hardcore players who want to progress into Mythic raiding. Along with the raids, we do have an incredibly active community on Discord and the guild itself where there is always something going on, whether it is running low keys, high keys, levelling an alt, mount farming or even doing achievement runs. We have it all and more.


How about our Progress Team?

Last tier our Progress Team managed to achieve 6/10M in CN and this tier our goal is to achieve more, and even the possibility of Cutting Edge. We raid three days a week: Wednesday, Thursday and Monday for three hours each evening 19:00 - 22:00 server time. Currently, we are 3/10M and 10/10HC.


What do we expect?

We expect you to have fun. The main thing is that we have fun during our raiding experiences. We aren’t a fully serious guild when it comes to this, but we want dedicated players to have fun while in our Progress Team. We love banter during trash, but as soon as that pull timer goes down we want serious mode. We do not expect you to have an alt that is raid ready, however, if you do it is always a bonus! We do also value each other’s time too, so we expect each member to come prepared to the raids, as well as be on time for invites 30 minutes prior to raid start. If a member is unable to make it to a raid, then letting an officer know prior is needed. We do also require all raid members to be using Discord.

If you do have any questions about the guild itself or Progress Team, please contact our recruitment, "Houseelf" in game. You can also contact her outside of game via Discord: pygmypuff#2800