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We are pleased to announce that the new Community tiered M+ system is up and running!

Legit Trash

Horde Guild, Mal'Ganis, US

December 26, 2023 by KingPinSlim

Last Update: 22 January 2024 by KingPinSlim


Our Community now has a tiered M+ category of channels, where as you gain more and more experience in keys, and gain better and better io, you unlock exclusive chat channels that only other members who have similar experience/IO (or higher) have access too! This should give members a place to much more confidently post up keys to build groups with players who you know have the experience to be there. Meet new people of similar skills and climb the ranks together!
You can find these channels under the M+ category of our discord. Note: you will only see channels you have access to

How to get started:

-head to the server roles channel at ⁠🤺︱server-roles
-select the green octopus to gain access to the first key tier "Whelpling"
-Once in the whelpling channel, you can post up your low keys. (Players with higher ranks also have access to the lower channels, and often times are willing to help members with their lower keys.)
-Once you have reached 1000io you can reach out to @Beylenn (Kyle) or any @M+ Officer to have your rank adjusted.
-This is not solely based on IO either. If the M+ officers find that a player is not quite able to handle keys within their rank, they do hold the responsibility to lower that players rank until that player gains the experience necessary to be granted the higher rank.
-Players can at any time request a rank up by reaching out to @Beylenn (Kyle) . Of course IO plays a big part in ranks given, but player skill, knowledge and experience also plays a part.

M+ Tier ranks are as follows, and are subject to change:

@Whelping 0-6 Keys no io requirement. Player self assigned role.
@Drake 7-13 Keys 1000io min
@Wyrm 14-17 Keys 1700io min
@Aspect 18-20 Keys 2000io min
@Ksh 20+ Keys 2500io min
@Torment 25+ Keys 3000io min

All Ranks past Whelpling must be reviewed and granted by a @M+ Officer.

We hope that this will better allow members to form key groups with people of the same experience and skill.

Any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to me directly. @Paws

Thank you all for being apart of our awesome WoW Community! Good luck in your keys!

Happy Hunting