Legion of Stone

Alliance Guild, Hyjal, US


We are Legion of Stone

Just a little info about our group

Legion of Stone

Alliance Guild, Hyjal, US

July 13, 2021 by FireStarr

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Welcome to Legion of Stone!

We are a community of raiders who are interested in casual-serious progression. Our schedule is lightweight, as we raid hard and fast. Our community stays up-to-date on the leading class/spec/boss strategy and discussion. We are primarily interested in raiders who carry qualities to match: 100% attendance, Google-educated, alert, and motivated.

Some background on us:

Legion of Stone was first conceived in 2005. The guild has been around for 15+ years in different capacities, and the type of experience we offer and expect of our members is nothing new. This means we are home to quality leadership and a strong player base. We are not a "flavor-of-the-month" or a "2.00001" brand of guild. We also have a long history of accomplishing goals through progression and relationships. Players who are part of us and who have been here are proud to be so. Furthermore, the guild is founded on a set of principles. You won't see us spamming the cesspool of trade chat trying to recruit a gem in the rough. We have a low tolerance for drama internally and externally. We have self-respect, are motivated by teamwork and general goodwill toward the community. We strive to be a respectable place that one might call "home." The players here are very active and social, you will find: humor, pvp activity of a wide variety, "alts", heroics, mythics, questing, etc. Most of us raid casual-serious by choice, we are here because the time requirement is reduced while providing results, and we all have other game interests or real-world commitments to be involved in but hunger for the content. We value our membership and to a further extent, value our reputation.


Here are the details:

Raid times are 6-8pm PST / 9-11:00pm EST Mondays and Wednesdays.

See raid rules for more information

The initiate period is 4 weeks long.

We always welcome players who are personable, and interested in striving to develop their character., and people who wish to experience raiding content within an interactive environment. As a person, you should be socially and ethically developed; open to making new friends. As a player, we ask that you are specced, geared, gemmed, and enchanted appropriately for PvE content. You should have a well-developed understanding of your class, including its strengths and weaknesses, and be able to perform your role during raid boss encounters. If you are the type of person that is solely concerned with loot or complains when asked to be a team player, or perhaps you cannot be bothered to read and discuss strategy openly then we are not interested. As a raiding guild, we require that you are willing to spec to support guild progression in real-time as the game is continuously evolving, and as the game changes, we always evolve to match. We welcome server transfers and factions changes. It's also important that we help all guild members as much as we can to get to the type of gaming experience they wish to have.

If you have any questions, feel free to whisper our guild leader Cerity (Firestarr#1321), or recruitment officer Saltydrood (Salty#1100), or a member of Legion of Stone. Ask to speak to an officer to discuss your questions.

Your inquiry will be kept strictly confidential, note the above, we pride ourselves on being professional.