Laughing Lunatics

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It's been a while

Looking back on our first clear of normal Amirdrassil.

Laughing Lunatics

Alliance Guild, Argent Dawn, EU

November 21, 2023 by Nahe


It's been a while since I've made a post like this, but time has truly blasted by. I can clearly remember us complaining that season 2 was way to long and wondering how we would ever keep the Lunatic train going on tracks full steam. Yet here we are, not only did all you glorious Loons remain active... but at the end of season 2 we were so active that it drew in new friends to bolster our ranks to the point that our raid team currently consists of 32 people.

Most importantly we drew some really nice people and high quality raiders, adding to an already formidable roster. With a team larger than ever, with people that had never raided with us before, we blasted through normal in a single week, which included our unprepared blind run and even a few heroic bosses on our second raid of the season. There are no words to describe how grateful and proud we are, we have always felt that our guild, what we stand for, has value and reason to be, but every single day you all proof it, so we say the most heartfelt THANK YOU!

Now, moving forwards, heroic is going to be serious! So time to tighten it up. Make sure that voice-comms are clear for the raidlead team. Make sure the interval time between fights are as short as possible. Make sure that when not raiding, you work on improving your gear and preparing tactics. We will probably do two more normal clears so we have the skip, then focus on heroic and "Ahead of the Curve" before we set our sights on a hardmode achievement run.

Hopefully we will truly be challenged by Amirdrassil. Hopefully this raid kicks our butts and wipes us many times. Because I have faith that we will rise up and overcome the challenge, like we have done with all other challenges before us so far. But more than anything, we (the Officers) are incredibly happy to be on this trip with you all!