Laughing Lunatics

Alliance Guild • Argent Dawn • EU • Retail TIER 3 GUILD


Guild Rules and Objective

A view into rules and goals of <Laughing Lunatics>

Laughing Lunatics

Alliance Guild, Argent Dawn, EU

March 24, 2023 by Molaqua

Last Update: 7 December 2023 by Molaqua


Main Objectives:

We have two goals, as a guild. We strive for Ahead of the Curve every season, which is killing the end boss of the current raid on Heroic before the launch of the next season/tier, and we strive to have a lot of fun while playing this game with our friends. Beyond that, we help each other be better players and people, we hang out, laugh and have fun together in whatever ways we feel like.


General Rules:

  1. Don't be a dick!
  2. No harassment of any kind is accepted.
  3. Be respectful to each others wishes and needs.
  4. Have fun!


Rules for raiding:

  1. Be on time, we do intend to start at the planned starting time, not to still be doing invites then. (Inform an officer if you are running late)
  2. Sign up to events via the site/discord to confirm your attendance (yes/no/tentative.Tentative is for attendance purposes viewed as not present, untill changed to a "yes".)
  3. Be prepared. Watch videos, sim your gear, enchant all your gear, gem it, bring consumables.
  4. Use your common sense when rolling for loot, we do have a flow chart for this up on Discord, it is pinned in the WoW Central channel. If in doubt, confer with an officer.
  5. Positive feedback is more than welcome, but do not name and shame or interrupt people with suggestions out of nowhere. If you think you can help another player, contact them privately and see if they are open to it.
  6. The Raid Leader is in charge. If you have suggestions, do not interrupt them, but suggest so in text.


Guild Ranks:

  • Lead Lunatic: Yours truly, the guildmaster. Always available for a chat or any HR related issues.
  • Wackjob: Officers, consisting of Nykkx, Pretallica, Kohiko and Shifty. These should be your first point of contact with any PvE related or other game related questions.
  • Leadership Alt: Logically alts of Officers and Guild Master.
  • Fruitcake: Veteran/honorary rank. Valued members of our community who have proved to go above and beyond for us.
  • Lunatic: General rank, for raiders and active players.
  • Nutter: Starter rank, with limited access.


Should you at any point have any questions, never hesistate to contact any part of Leadership in game or on Discord.