Raid team is seeking members

We are an AotC+ guild. We will get AoTC and may get some pulls on Mythic if people have the desire. We are not pushing for Cutting Edge. The current raid team for 9.1 is forming now. Our current needs are DPS, all classes/specs. We would not turn away any tank or healer though.

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Horde Guild, Area 52, US

June 9, 2021 by Gwell

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Hi! we are looking for a few more members to finish out the team. We mainly need DPS at this point, ut and extra tank or heal wounldnt hurt ether. Im currently building the raid team on this site as well as getting it set up. 

We are and AotC guild. Meaning that is our goal. We may get some pulls on mythic bosses, but dont expect full mythic clears. Raid time are still up in the air, but leaning twards tuesdays and thursdays 8ish-11pm EST.