Last Phoenix Rising

Alliance Guild • Lava Lash • US • Classic Era TIER 3 GUILD



Welcome to Last Phoenix Rising. Here you can find informations about our guild, roster, players, events, logs and much more...


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Gwell / Lava Lash (US)
Gnome 50 Destruction Warlock
Gnomergency / Lava Lash (US)
Gnome 26 Arcane Mage
Cerillion / Lava Lash (US)
Night Elf 25 Balance Druid
Dzn / Lava Lash (US)
Human 25 Assassination Rogue
Bushwhacked / Lava Lash (US)
Dwarf 25 Retribution Paladin


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Druid Druid
Druid Balance Druid Feral Combat Druid Guardian Druid Restoration
Hunter Hunter
Hunter Beast Mastery Hunter Marksmanship Hunter Survival
Mage Mage
Mage Arcane Mage Arcane Healer Mage Fire Mage Frost
Paladin Paladin
Paladin Holy Paladin Protection Paladin Retribution
Priest Priest
Priest Discipline Priest Holy Priest Shadow
Rogue Rogue
Rogue Assassination Rogue Combat Rogue Combat Tank Rogue Subtlety
Warlock Warlock
Warlock Affliction Warlock Demonology Warlock Demonology Tank Warlock Destruction
Warrior Warrior
Warrior Arms Warrior Fury Warrior Protection


There are no guild logs recorded yet!

If you are taking screenshots within the game, to capture screenshots with better quality (default is 3/10 which is very low) type this macro into your chatbox:
/console screenshotQuality 10