Land Raiders

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Dragonflight Guild Update

Overview of Land Raiders ahead of Dragonflight

Land Raiders

Horde Guild, Silver Hand, US

October 20, 2022 by PPQ


Hello everyone!

With Shadowlands about to come to a close, it's a good time to reflect on what we've accomplished and where we're headed in Dragonflight.

I'm not quite sure how we pulled it off, but Land Raiders is the best guild on our server. Not because we have the best players (though we do), but because we have the best people. Look around! Our guild is alive, people hang out and chat in discord, and we're still fielding Heroic-clearing raids even in the last days of a pretty terrible expansion. We've got something great going on here!

We are about to grow. Substantially. Dragonflight will bring a lot of players back into the game, and as an actually functional guild, we're going to be a prime destination for a lot of returning players.

With that said, it is a good time to clarify what this guild is all about.

Who are we?
- Chill people who aren't assholes * **
- Pretty good at this game (some of you are insanely good)
- Don't want to play 3292348230 hours per week (excluding Nech)

* to each other
** most of the time

What is Land Raiders?
- Land Raiders is a guild that gets together every week to raid Heroic content
- We have other activities, but Heroic raids are our core focus

Why Heroic Raids?
- The difficulty aligns with our skills (getting AotC feels great!)
- They are a fairly inclusive activity (no 20-person hard limit, light time commitment, and we can carry some)
- Rewards are desirable (help players push into higher M+ and Mythic Raid content)

Why have a Core Focus?
- The truth is that everyone has different interests and motivations
- It is a challenge to strike a balance between everyone's desires
- Things will only become more difficult as we grow

Our approach is to identify and unite behind our core focus, then expand from there.

What about Mythic Raids / Alt Runs / Normals / M+ / PvP / Etc. ?
- We want to grow this guild so we can support as many activities as possible
- Not every Land Raider wants to raid Mythics, or work on alts, or play PvP, but many do!
- The more we grow, the easier it becomes to provide these different types of experiences

The key here is that all of these activities are welcome, but secondary to our core focus.

For example: a Mythic raider should not skip 'irrelevant' Heroic Raids. We run those Heroic raids to develop and maintain our social bonds. This weekly interaction is critical to keep a guild alive and to avoid forming cliques!!! We play this game together.

Are we going to have more optional raid nights?
- We'd like to! (core nights will remain Tue/Thur, for now)
- We anticipate adding multiple guild officers before Dragonflight to help coordinate everything
- Officership is a role of service, not authority (if you would like to inquire about becoming an officer, please speak with Nechahira)

In Conclusion... THE VISION
- Land Raiders is a home for many types of players
- Our Core Activity is Heroic Raids (and we strive to bring others up to that level)
- We will grow the guild so that we can do more things, but we all come back together for Heroic Raids

Thanks for listening.