Land Raiders

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9.3 Guild Update!

Where Land Raiders stands and where we are headed!

Land Raiders

Horde Guild, Silver Hand, US

July 5, 2022 by PPQ


Hi everyone! As the summer stretches on and we wait for what will surely be an interesting Patch 9.3, it's a good time to look at where Land Raiders stands and where we're going next.


Without a doubt, we had major success in 9.2 and Sepulcher, culminating in this moment:

It was an outstanding achievement for all of us, climbing back from the brink after losing our entire officer corps in early 9.1. Instead of collapsing, we rallied together and quickly rose to the top of our server.

And now, we have Server-First AOTC for the expansion's main boss!

These days, World of Warcraft is quite a transitory place. Players seem to hop around from one guild to another, leaving for greener pastures the moment they hit a small bump.

Land Raiders strives to counter that trend and prove there is a place where skilled players can treat one another with mutual respect. We strive to make Land Raiders a home where we can all just log on, have fun, and Make Shit Dead.™


With that said, let's take a closer look at our accomplishments and the State of the Raid:


9.2 Accomplishments

  • 3rd-Consecutive AotC (prior to 9.2.5 and many Sepulcher nerfs)
  • 1st LR-only Mythic Kill (just us - no other guilds or pugs)
  • Added many skilled players to roster (during considerable WoW population decline)


State of the Raid

The Good

  • More AotC-level players than ever before
  • Strong role flexibility numerous tank and heal options
  • Several high-performing alts ready to jump in as-needed

Areas to Improve

  • Inconsistent attendance and need to frequently shift roles
  • Lacking key utility classes (esp. mage, monk, shaman, dk)
  • Moderate gap between top and bottom performers


It may seem strange to openly share the areas where we'd like to be better, but we're all adults here, and there's no shame in recognizing that we still have room to improve. And if you are a prospective member thinking of applying, we'd rather you know everything about us to make sure we're the right fit.


Now that we have identified these opportunities, we'll be looking at ways to tweak our rules and structure to optimize what we're doing. There's a number of solutions, and we'll do our best to identify the best ones for Land Raiders.


While AotC was nice, we're not done yet! And if we can continue to grow this guild during a WoW down cycle, imagine what'll happen when Dragonflight comes out...

With your help, Land Raiders is going to BLOW UP!!! (in a good way!)


In summary, thank you all for your hard work and dedication! The future looks bright!

See you in-game!