Land Raiders

Horde Guild • Silver Hand • US • Retail TIER 4 GUILD


9.2 is upon us! An Eternity of Waiting is over

With 9.2 officially announced, let's take a look at exciting things in store for this tier and take a moment to get back into progression mode.

Land Raiders

Horde Guild, Silver Hand, US

February 11, 2022 by Korra


Been awhile since we've had one of these! But after a long tier, and an eternity of waiting, we finally have dates for the new patch and a release schedule. For those not in the know, here's the skinny on the 9.2 schedule:

  • February 21st – PvP Season 2 Ends at 10pm PST
  • February 22nd – Patch drops! Mythic+ Season 2 Ends.
  • March 1 – Normal and Heroic difficulties. Note that the last three bosses (Lords of Dread, Rygelon, and The Jailer) will NOT be available in this first week.
    • PvP Season 3 Starts on March 1st 8am PST
    • Mythic+ Season 3 Starts on March 1st 8am PST
  • March 8 – The remaining three bosses unlock for Normal and Heroic. All bosses are available for Mythic. Raid Finder Wing 1 becomes available.
  • March 22 – Raid Finder Wing 2 becomes available.
  • April 5 – Raid Finder Wing 3 becomes available.
  • April 19 – Raid Finder Wing 4 becomes available.

So excited to finally have a date! While it's beeen a great raid with some truly great encounters, this tier has been very long. Now that we have a date and some idea when things will be happening in the future, we can truly get back into form and get ready for the new patch! What will be changing? What won't? Well, not much to be honest. We would however like to take this time to reiterate some guild and community guidelines, and the difference between being in farm mode and progression mode.

The goal this tier will remain the same as always, get Ahead of the Curve and poke at some early Mythic bosses when we can (something we didn't get a chance to do much of this tier between burnout and how long and tough the tier was). But this also means we're going to be moving back into progression mode! While this won't be anything new for most of you, but let's brush up on what exatcly this means (this is already laid out on the community discord, though might have probably been skipped). Progression Raider Expectations 101:

  • Be efficient and respectful of others time
    • Wipe, release/wait for mass res, eat, go
    • Be ready to go at raid start
    • Grab your supplies from the bank early
    • Get to the raid location on time or even early so we can start right away
  • Be respectful of the coms
    • Keeping coms clear is important for progression, during pulls keep chatter to a minimum and defer to the raid lead or designated people to call out information we need
    • If you have an idea, feedback, or need to communicate something important don’t hesitate to speak up, but please be clear, concise, and informative
  • Be prepared
    • Know which consumables you need - flasks, stat food, oils/stones, armor kits, and augment runes. Most of these are available through the guild bank - please use them!
    • Make sure your gear is enchanted
      • These are also available through the guild bank - ask someone if you can’t find what you need
    • Understand the strats for the bosses we’re working on
      • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something
  • Commit to improvement
    • Run at least one 10+/15+ per week for vault reward - ask in guild or community for help if you’re not already running them consistently
    • Make mistakes and learn from them
      • Not sure what went wrong? Need help improving? Don’t understand why something happens? Reach out to one of the officers for help!
    • Take and provide feedback to other players in an appropriate manner

Above all:
Remember that the reason we do this is to have fun and enjoy the people we play with. The community is more important than any title we can obtain. If you’re struggling with something or someone, please reach out to one of the officers in game or on discord so we can help. We are a community built around helping others, so let’s keep this fun while pushing content.

Most of these have been very lax with us being in heavy farm mode. Both mains versus alts, ilvl/experience/performance required to join heroic, and designated roles/assignments. While flexibility and being able to adapt on the fly is great practice, we will see some things, like fights with splits or who does call outs, become more rigid going forward (if you want to take an active part in guild leadership or helping lead raids, reach out to an officer). Those of us who have been attending raid regularly have dusted off the cobwebs we gained during our break and are more or less back into the swing of things. We shouldn't have to really trim anyone going into progression thankfully, because let's be honest it doesn't feel good to have to ask a friend to step out. While logs aren't the be all end all, grey parses are hard to have while maintaining heroic progression, so we will be keeping an eye on these as well. But if officers feel someone is struggling, we will be proactively reaching out to help you out in whatever way we can. Remember the reason we do this!


What can we expect in the near future? Well! We'll provide more clarification/reiteration on how officers use logs as a reference and tool (again, none of this will be new to long time raiders), and more excitingly, new boss strats! As the PTR closes and we start seeing official strats drop, we'll be hunting down the ones that will work best for us and sharing them in the Strats Logs and Add-ons channel on discord. If you see a cool one you think might work, drop it there! It's not only the officers who decide the strategy, and what we say isn't set in stone. Everything is always open source and input is always welcome! Sometime prior to 9.2.5 we will also address how the new cross faction raiding will impact Land Raiders and the extended community, but that's further down the pipeline.

It's been a great tier. We achieved our goal among some tumultous times, and we got a lot of extra stuff done as well (including Glory of the Raider for both Castle Nathria and Sanctum of Domination). We've also picked up some lovely new faces who have been a blast to play with! Very stoked for what's looking to be another great tier with some good fights, and a great close to the expansion!

See you beautiful nerds in-game!