Land Raiders

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Land Raiders - Oct. Update

October update on the Land Raiders guild and community.

Land Raiders

Horde Guild, Silver Hand, US

October 2, 2021 by PPQ

Last Update: 27 June 2023


Hi everybody! Nandladin here, from Silver Hand’s Land Raiders guild (we’re Horde). I’m here to recap what’s been happening in our guild as well as our cross-server Land Raiders community.


First off… we have a new guild website!... the very site where you’re reading this update! We now have some really awesome functionality to help us analyze our roster, find holes in our raid team, optimize gear and track personal progress such as weekly Mythic Dungeons.



We’re just now diving into all this Guilds of WoW functionality (with our premium membership!) to discover all the special tools that are available to us. Full credit goes to Boomkenzie for pushing this initiative forward and making it a reality.

(Note: Our Discord channel will still be our primary means of communication. The site is simply an additional tool in our arsenal.)


Next up - a guild update!

All guilds go through their ups and downs, and right now, Land Raiders is definitely on an up cycle. Investment in recruitment is paying off, and we’re seeing many new players joining our guild and community. There’s a lot of interest in Land Raiders right now, because we offer something that’s sadly far too rare - the chance to be part of a gaming family.

With WoW itself in a downturn and several raiding teams falling apart, there's a clear opportunity for Land Raiders to grow into the type of home we all want it to become - a place where you can play together with other good people, have some fun and accomplish some of your gaming goals in the process.

And we are crushing through some of those goals right now!



  • Raiding: In September, we notched our first kills on Heroic Painsmith, Guardian and Fatescribe, putting Land Raiders at 8/10 Heroic with Kel’Thuzad next! And we even took down Mythic Tarragrue for some 252 loot!
  • Mythics: Several members have KSM, so now we’re emphasizing helping recruits get weekly 252 vault loot while pushing up other raiders (including myself) to 2k+ rating.
  • PvP: We actually have a weekend PvP crew led by Skullbane, and we desperately need skilled players to help us grow here!


...which naturally leads into recruiting. Yes, we are recruiting! We’re always recruiting.

  • Do you play WoW?
  • Are you a decent human being?
  • Do you value the journey above the destination?
  • Are you looking for a place to call your home?

If you answered yes to these questions, Land Raiders might be a good fit for you.



We have some good players here. Some great players, too. Many of our members have pushed this game to the limits and have done some incredible things.

But that’s not our aim. We try to strike a balance between inclusion and progression. We strive to bring people up rather than kick them out. We want people who try their best, are open to feedback, and keep a positive attitude.

That last element is the most important, because that’s who we want to hang out with. There is no room for screaming or douchebaggery. Only encouragement, jokes, puns and drinking.



If that interests you, you can hit the apply button on this site or speak to Nechahira, Boomkenzie, or Nandladin in-game. And if you are part of a different server group and cannot join, we do have an in-game cross-server community where you can still take part in our shenanigans (just search for Land Raiders).


And that’s it for now! If you made it this far, thank you for your time, and we hope to see you in game!