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Hello there, adventurers, stay awhile and listen…

<Lack of Foundation> is made up of people from several walks of life. After bouncing between guilds, we thought we would carve out our own little corner of Azeroth and see where the winds take us. Our main goal is just to push through Mythic+ with world PvP and the odd pugged raid sprinkled in. The main goal is to build a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the road.

We try and stay active on discord both voice and chat as well as jumping on various games when fancying something new. There should be something for everyone here and if there isn’t just ask!

A little history on us…

The bulk of our group came together during Legion and have added to our merry band through the expansions. Usually aiming and achieving AOTC as a minimum and staying in touch on other games in between content droughts. Over the years the one constant has been in enjoying the game together as a first and working out the details later. So long as we are together and having fun, we tend to overcome anything. Albeit with a lot of shenanigans and booze.
Raiding Info.

Our general goal is to get a good grip on heroic clears before considering Mythic. In any case we work to maintain an atmosphere that is chilled and friendly with no place for elitism and toxicity. We expect everyone to be self sufficient, the guild is there to support but never carry. Some examples would be to always be up to date with and bring:
• Flasks, Combat Potions, Health Potions, etc
• Maintain a healthy attendance
• Be informed and research your own class. We keep links to WoWhead guides/Class discords for all.
• All raiders are expected to be on discord and willing to speak during raid being mindful of the raid leader and rules.
• Deadly Boss Mods/Big Wigs/Other boss mods or weakauras
• Method Raid Tools
• Weakauras

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Kedrych#6101 on Discord.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Lack of Foundation recruits; Characters on Europe • Retail region. Preferred
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