Killer Amusements

Horde Guild • Garrosh • US • Retail



Please read our guild rules so that you have full knowledge of what our guild is and what we expect of you upon joining our ranks.

Killer Amusements

Horde Guild, Garrosh, US

August 6, 2020 by IDeceptionI

Last Update: 27 December 2020


1.Be sure to join our guild discord even if not chatting so you can see and receive messages. 

2.Please give your discord name the nickname of your main toon in game so we can identify who you are.

3.Please be social in guild either via guild chat or discord so we can get to know you better as this will help our guild grow stronger for raids in end game.

4.Please be friendly and respectful to your fellow guildmates.

5.Please be an active player,you don't have to be on everyday but a good amount of game time is expected,if your going to be away and off game for awhile (,family,vacation or just need a break) Let us know for how long and when you will return so that we can make a note of it. If not you will be REMOVED from the guild.

6.If you recruit any friends or new recruits please direct them to our guild site and our guild discord to sign up and read our guild rules.

7.No sexism, racism, political or religious views in any chat within the guild we all have our own views and beliefs so please respect each other's choices.

8.Be aware that we are a MATURE GUILD! meaning (no one under the age of 21 will be considered and if you are easily offended then we are not the guild for you) We do have discord channels dedicated to adult behavior and content....XXX-Uncensored are our anything goes text & chat channels.

9.Please add to your guild note your spec and professions and if it's an alt add your main toons name so it does not get kicked from guild.

10.Raid Times: Our RAID TIMES are Friday & Saturday 7pm-11pm SERVER TIME. Sunday if needed (OPEN TIMES).

11.If you want to join our raid team and are willing to commit to our team and schedule please let one of our officers know prior to raid days in our discord by message or voice chat.

12. Our guild has what we call guild peak times to be online which is 4pm to 11pm server time. What we mean by this is that we want our guildies to try to be online a few days a week during this time frame so that we can do stuff together online as a guild. Anytime before or after this time frame is free time you can solo, farm or whatever you want in game on your own. this is not us telling you how to play your game time, just we want to have our guild not look like a ghost town or dead guild with people being so spread out all the time every day this way our guild shows activity and stability which helps us with recruitment and people wanting to stick around. ( This is all part of our guild putting teamwork and social interaction back into the mmo world)   

13. Our guild ranking system works like this: When you first join our guild your at the lowest rank (Cage Cleaner) which is a 30 day probation period with us, To earn a higher rank or be part of our raid team rank after your 30 days, you must show us that you really want to be part of our guild durning and after your probation period. Here are the things we expect of you to prove yourself: Be active, try to log on and play a few days a week besides raid days during our peak guild times (4pm-11pm server time) these will be the times we may plan guild events and group activities. Donate to our guild bank, gold,mats,pots,enchants etc (no junk or old stuff please). And most of all be social, jump in discord-say hello and chat with us, talk in guild chat, be friendly and dont be shy, we do understand some people are shy at first and we accept that, but please take a chance were not gonna bite. If you do not show any interest of being part of our guild during your probation period like not being online at all, being antisocial, not donating to guild bank and not showing any intrest in us at all (This also includes if you act like this after your probation time) you will be removed from the guild.

14. We do a two step process when recruiting new members before we accept you into our ranks. First is the application that you submit and the second will be a in discord interview with one of our officers. This is so that we can know more about you and it shows us your willing to jump in discord and join it which is a requirement for our guild. 

15. Attention: more rules may be added at anytime as needed