Is Your Monitor On

Horde Guild • Area 52 • US • Retail TIER 2 GUILD


Monitor Spotlight - Thorntwist

Restoration Druid

Is Your Monitor On

Horde Guild, Area 52, US

August 2, 2022


1. How were you introduced to WoW? I was working at a lakeside resort in the CA mountains back in 2007, and some roommates of mine were always pushing me to play. I was a huge Diablo fan, had been playing that game for years, so I finally caved and downloaded Burning Crusade to my little putt-putt laptop. I was hooked from the first login 😀

2. What was the 1st toon you created, and why did you choose it? A human mage named Amaralyn on Malygos. I was always more of the magical type when it came to RPGs, so mage was the go-to choice. Do you still play it? Nope, not much of an Alliance fan anymore. The mage is still there, but she was faction changed to a troll years ago and has a different name now. I’m a Hordie all around, lol.

3. What do you do for fun inside the game (activity)? I like healing keys, helping friends whenever I can, collecting odd hunter pets/toys/achieves, and leveling alts. My battle pet collection is a long-time obsession. One day I’ll have them all! weak laughter.

4. What is your favorite zone in game and why? Vash’jir, the underwater zone from Cata. It has some absolutely beautiful and surreal areas to explore. I once found a place where I was floating halfway between the surface and the sea bottom on my seahorse mount, while hundreds of glowing jellyfish rose lazily to the top all around me, shining like serene lanterns in the darkness. It seems there’s always something new and enchanting to find out there.

5. Theme song for your character? “That’s What Friends Are For” by Dionne Warwick. As a resto druid/healer in general, my goal is to have your back and keep you fighting until we kick the bad guy’s ass, no matter what 😀

6. Frequently, while in the midst of battle, some of us take a moment to reflect. What do you think of in the middle of battle? Since I’m always playing ping pong with people’s health bars, I usually don’t have much time to reflect, lol. If I have a down moment, first thing is I usually check to make sure I’m not standing in something I shouldn’t be. No tunnel bad, doh! XD

7. Most importantly, what is your favorite mount in game? My Mechano-hog 😋 I like to roar around Oribos spewing fumes and running donuts around the Alliance. Big badass cow bitch on a bike--outta my way, puny night elf! hah!

8. Do you have any pets? A spoiled tuxedo kitty named BubbaCat

9. What is your favorite out of game tasty treat? Mexican food 😀 Tacos all day, every day.

10. If you were a pizza topping, what would you be? Pineapple. I’m sweet but a little sour too, and I’m the oddball topping that some people just don’t understand XD

11. What do you do for fun outside the game? Writing novels and short stories, drawing, watching TV and movies, listening to music, and visiting my favorite pub with my husband Max

12. If a movie was made, who would be the actor playing you? Helena Bonham Carter, because I have a massive lady crush on her.

13. You can always find a guildie…..Teabagging a corpse squints at our raid tanks!

14. You know you’re a guildie....when you wish you could invite all of your guild mates to your house for a beer and shenanigans. I love you all ❤️

15. If you would attend a guild meet-up, where would you recommend, and what would we do? Mexican beach vacation, margaritas and sun all day with dancing at the fiestas all night. One day we must 😉