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Orc Destruction Warlock

Is Your Monitor On

Horde Guild, Area 52, US

May 21, 2022


How were you introduced to WoW?
Basketball team in high school decided to play the game and since everyone of my friends played the game for nerds, I decided whatever, Ill give it a go since everyone else is playing it and here I am 18 years later still hooked.
What was the 1st toon you created, and why did you choose it? Do you still play it today?
I was told Hunter was a good class that could do a lot, so I ended up playing it and really enjoyed it. I do not play a hunter today but I've mained a warlock which is also a pet class for multiple expansions.
What do you do for fun inside the game (activity)?
I used to be a hardcore raider, but those days have passed, now I raid for fun and progress when I can or im pushing keys and doing M+. I also do mog runs and fun normal guild runs and drinking nights, basically anything and everything. If its a drinking night, I tend to lean towards the easier things to do in wow that require less concentration.
What is your favorite zone in game and why?
I know there is a lot of zones like this, but Mulgore was my favorite first zone. It was so lush and green, blue sky, just standing in that zone gave me the feeling of bliss and I felt Happy. There are other zones that make me feel like this as well.
Theme song for your character?
Oh wow, never thought of this to be honest, I have a warrior, rogue, shaman and warlock ive been playing a lot recently...those are all different genres of music. Come back to me on this one haha, if we were talking about myself, im a 90s rock kid, Blink 182, Sum 41, I like EDM, Panic at the DISCO type of music...anything that puts me in a good mood. Blink 182 - First Date, Blink 182 - Girl at the Rock Show, The Used - I caught fire would all describe me as a person.
Frequently, while in the midst of battle, some of us take a moment to reflect. What do you think of in the middle of battle?
Stay Calm, breathe, focus on what is coming next, panicking is what leads to death.
Most importantly out of all, what is your favorite in game mount?
The Netherdrake, back in TBC it took me months to farm the rep required to get this mount, the amount of time and effort I put into getting the mount made it so worth it and I still have it as my favorite mount to this day.

Do you have any pets?
I have an 8 year old german shepherd who is the best puppy in the entire world, and I make sure she knows it everyday.
What is your favorite out of game tasty treat?
SUSHI!!!! and maybe some Hagen Das Caramel Swirl Ice cream.
If you were a pizza topping, what would you be?
Easily Bacon.
What do you do for fun outside the game?
I play guitar (although not a ton recently) during my spare time. I build and race cars as a hobby outside of wow. If the weather is nice and my friends are willing, Ill play some recreational sports on a few teams.
If a movie was made, who would be the actor playing you?
Hahah Kumar from Harold and Kumar, hes always having a good time regardless of the situation hes put in and always tries to make the best out of any situation.


You can always find a guildie....that wants to help and have fun. Also not sure why I have the "Youve got a friend in me" song from Toy story stuck in my head now...
You know you're a guildie....when its always laughter and good times and I can be teased if I messed up, at that point I know everyone is comfortable around me.
If you would attend a guild meet-up, where would you recommend, and what would we do? Haha Canada, I live here and it would be close lmao. We would eat good food, and party, having fun and telling stories/playing drinking games until the sun comes up.