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Monitor Spotlight - Devriesbae

Havoc Demon Hunter

Is Your Monitor On

Horde Guild, Area 52, US

October 24, 2021

Last Update: 19 May 2022


How were you introduced to WoW? My fiance picked it back up during the beginning of Covid and got me into it. I always thought - oh that games for nerds. Now here I am heavily invested. Fellow nerd here 🙃

What was the 1st toon you created, and why did you choose it? Do you still play it today? WoW was my very first MMO, so I was very overwhelmed when I started. I remember staring at the creation screen just eventually I went with what I thought looked the coolest, and that was my demon hunter. She's still my main and probably always be. Demon Hunters are just too fun!

What do you do for fun inside the game (activity)? I really love doing a little bit of everything really. I'd say my favorite though is probably mount farming. Something so satisfying about getting a new mount!

What is your favorite zone in game and why? Jade Forest in Panda Land. Really any of the zones there. Most of the areas are so peaceful and beautiful.

Theme song for your character? Power Ranger theme song - Go go Power Rangers!!! Everytime I use The Hunt, this plays in my head.

Frequently, while in the midst of battle, some of us take a moment to reflect. What do you think of in the middle of battle? I hope I don't fuck this up....

Most importantly, what is your favorite mount in game? The alpaca's! The way they jump is just....sigh.


Do you have any pets? Belladonna our beautiful sweet black kitty <3

What is your favorite out of game tasty treat? Chips, chips, & chips

If you were a pizza topping, what would you be? Bacons

What do you do for fun outside the game? Binge watching tv shows, planning, playing board/card games with friends, cooking new recipes, and hiking

If a movie was made, who would be the actor playing you? Melissa McCarthy I freaking love her!


You can always find a guildie….. calling for Ma (that's me btw) 😄

You know you’re a guildie .... when you start making he said/she said jokes!

If you would attend a guild meet-up, where would you recommend, and what would we do? Las Vegas! Sight see, gamble...while drinking ofc!