Install Applications

Windows Application

You can install Windows application to your desktop via Windows Store.

Android Application

You can install Android application to your devices via Google Play.

PWA Application

Since Guilds of WoW is a Progressive Web Application you can install via browser on Windows and Android.

Install PWA Application
If you don't see the installation button please use Chrome or Edge or refresh page.

iOS Application

Unfortunately iOS doesn't support PWA installation yet. Fingers crossed for further developments on Apple side but you can install the application by using the 'Add to Home Screen' functionality.

1. First click the Share button down below.

iOS Share Button

2. Then navigate to 'Add to Home Screen' button by scrolling down.

iOS Add to Home Screen

3. Later simply click the 'Add' button. Voila!

iOS Add Button

Sync App / In-Game Addon

Sync app is the desktop application and in-game addon for event and recruitment synchronization.

Sync client is Guilds of WoW desktop application for allowing synchronization of GoW data to WoW and vice versa. Blizzard doesn't provide any event and recruitment API so this application needs to be installed for integration.

It automatically installs and updates in-game addon without the need of any addon manager.

You can create events on in-game calendar. Addon invites all players with the rules or the audience defined on GoW. All RSVPs from GoW and in the game synchronize bidirectionally.

You can view guild teams and invite team roster to your party.

You can view recruitment applications and invite, add as friend or whisper easily.

Migrates guild ranks, message of the day and character/officer notes back to Guilds of WoW.

You can sync back your guild's Mythic+ keystones to GoW and Discord (Requires 'Astral Keys' and/or 'Details' addons).

GoW Sync Client

Discord Bot

Guilds of WoW Bot allows your events and combat logs to be generated and updated on your Discord server.

Event attendances are periodically being synced.

You can bind your recurring events to different channels.

Players can select their attendance via Discord which will sync back to GoW and to WoW (if in-game addon is set up) .

With WCL integration your guild combat logs will be posted to your channel with matching events.

You can view your guild keystones on your Discord server. A channel can also be used for a stationery keystones message.

GoW Discord Bot Events GoW Discord Bot Combat Logs