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Horde Guild • Illidan • US • Retail

Tier 5 Guild

We are a fun and friendly active guild composed of new and veteran players. We have a great culture balanced for progression and having fun simultaneously. Our guild is LGBTQIA+ friendly & drama-free. For those joining us, we offer fun and caring, yet focused during raids environment, with respect to real-life responsibilities, and stripped of drama and toxicity.


Who are we looking for?

We want dedicated and consistent individuals who want to improve themselves and contribute to our goals meaningfully. We make our goals and environment known because we want players who can get behind us on our road forward. For example, suppose you want to have fun, kill some challenging bosses, make meaningful friendships with new people, and can show up the majority of raid nights on time and ready to go. In that case, you are exactly who we are looking for.

We rarely Trial tanks, but we keep a 25-raider roster. Everyone in that group is a raider and understands that our goal is to get CE. This means not everyone will be in every fight. Still, we will do our best to alternate our roster depending on which class and characters are needed for each boss and your overall performance.


Our Trial is One to two weeks long. With the following expectations:

• A drive to continually improve personal play
• Come to raid prepared (Consumables are not provided for trials)
• An effort to integrate with the guild
• 100% attendance during your Trial.


What you can expect from us:

• Mythic progression that adheres to our raid schedule
• An active community outside of the raid
• Taking part in mythic +, alt content, and raid sales.
• A great raid environment

As with any guild worth its salt, we will ALWAYS consider exceptional applicants, regardless of your role.

You can expect the guild to provide all Mythic raiders with Potions, flasks, feasts, free repairs, and vantus runes.


Mandatory raids are Saturday and Sunday, 7 PM-11 PM CST.

If you want to apply, please check out our official guild website and fill out our application form: Insert More Coins

If you have questions or concerns, Please message @Acey#0001 on Discord.

Insert More Coins recruits; Characters on US region. Preferred
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