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Alliance Guild Recruitment

Looking for competent Individuals to fill our Raid/Mythic + Roster!


Alliance Guild, Turalyon, US

February 15, 2023 by hadiesx


Looking for individuals to continue our Heroic Raid progression with as well as Mythic +, with the thought of pushing into Mythic raid once we have enough individuals. Current raid times are 6:30pm-8:30pm Tues. & Wed. We sometimes stay late as well as raid on weekends to get our clears done. We also find that people that chill in discord are more likely to stick around so we try to be as welcoming as possible and encourage guild interaction. We have been around for quite some time and as real life gets in the way, we lose people here and there. We are a very skilled and Intelligent WoW player base always looking to help people improve as we progress in any game content!