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Healer problem

Horde Guild, Draenor, EU

September 17, 2022

Last Update: 25 May 2024


About Guild

About Crafting

About Mythic Keys

About Causal Raids

About Progression Raids

About Guild

❓ I want to join the guild, what do I need to do?

🔸 Make sure that you are aware of our social policy and ready to follow it.
🔸 Decide if you want to be a social member or a raider.
🔸 To join as a social member simply place an in-game application to Healer problem in guild finder. The first officer to see it will approve it asap, and you will find the guild invite in the guild finder next time you log in, if you are not online at the moment of the invite. If you are not online at that moment you will find the invite in the guild finder next time you log into the game.
🔸 If you know someone in the guild you can also ask them to send you an invite: all our members can invite to guild.
🔸 If you would like to raid, please check " How do I join for progression raids?"

*May be case sensitive

❓ Why can I not find the guild in the guild finder?

🔸 Alliance character: You can only apply through guild finder if you are applying with a horde character. For alliance players add Cheyanna on BN: Lawura#2369 and ask for cross-faction guild invite.
🔸 Horde character: Make sure that "Large guild" option is selected in the dropdown filter at the top in the guild finder.

❓ May I bring alts to the guild?

Yes! Bring as many as you want. But you need to play them. Inactive characters may get removed.

❓ What are rules regarding activity?

We remove players that have been inactive for over 3 months. Unfortunately we cannot keep spots for people who go away for this long because the guild has a limit on number of players and sometimes we hit that limit. That is when we start removing inactive. If we will not do that we will end up with a guild that has 950 inactive character and will make Healer Problem very sad place. If that ever happens feel free to join the guild again.

About Crafting

❓ Who are guild crafters?

Guild crafters are our members who are happy to craft for the guild members for free, obviously excluding the mats and illustrious insight.

❓ What is the benefit of listing as a guild crafter?

Guild crafters have a priority on recipes which drop in our raids. We accept BiS rolls from/for all characters that are listed as guild crafters, including alts.

❓ How to become a guild crafter?

Send discord direct message to an officer with your profession, and (optional) specialization, and take the reaction roles respective to your profession on disocrd

❓ I need an item crafted. How do I find a crafter?

There are several ways you can find a crafter:

🔸 Place guild order. If you need top rank, make sure to place all materials with top rank, and extra tip if insight should be used. Do not forget to place a crafting note to notify crafter about need of usiing insight
🔸 After placing order you can notify the crafters on discord in the #crafting channel. Use profession mentions (@Alchemy, @Leatherworking etc) to target the crafters.
🔸 Check #guild-crafters list and DM a crafter directly on Discord to agree about the craft.

About Mythic Keys

❓ I want/need some m+. What is the best way to find people for a guild run?

Do all together:

🔸 Ask guild chat, but do not stop here. People in game usually are busy doing whatever they are doing: keys, raids, pvp, and are not sitting around waiting for you to ask. Therefore if you get no response in guild chat, come to our discord server. You will find the link to discord in the guild info.
🔸 Check voice channels and see if someone already is there. Jump into voice and ask them if they have a spot for you for next dungeon. Do not forget to ask about key levels they are doing too! Make sure to not be too intrusive and distractive. Keep the chat clear for people to be able to communicate during their run.
🔸 Pick reaction roles on discord that corresponds to roles you are playing in game: @Tank,@Dps, @Healer.
🔸 Pick reaction roles that correspond to the key levels you want to do: "Mythic Plus 2-10", "Mythic Plus 11-15" etc.
🔸 Utilize LOOKING FOR GROUP channels on the discord to send your message to people who are offline. Make sure to tag the roles you are looking for.
🔸 Keep the LFG channels unmute to be notified when other players are looking for your role.
🔸 Check #mythic-plus-activity channel to spot out people who are regularly doing the keys of your desired level, and send them a direct message to agree on time to do a dungeon together!

About Casual Raids

❓ What to expect from a casual raid?

Casual raids are aimed at creating a chilled raiding environment for our casual members who cannot dedicate to more serious raiding and would like to have more social interaction during the raids, as well as main raiders who want to practice their awareness of the encounters or gear up their alts. They are not meant for quick flawless clear. When joining casual raids, please bring patience for other people to do their mistakes, and opportunity to learn.
Do not attend to casual raid if you are looking for one-shot clear and anything else will frustrate you.
Despite the laid-back approach to casual raids, we still require from attendants the intention and will to learn and improve from pull to pull.

❓ What do I need to join casual raids?

You need:

🔸 Appropriate item level for content. You can find the recommendations on discord in guild info.
🔸 Intention to learn and improve.
🔸 Chilled attitude and patience for other people if they need time to learn.
🔸 Sign up on in-game calendar, and show up at the set time.

❓ How do you distribute loot in casual raids?

In casual raids we use greed-need roll system. There is no rank priority.

About Progression Raids

❓ I want to become a raider. How do I join for progression raids?

To become a raider in one of our teams:

1️⃣ Check for opened spots here.
2️⃣ Make sure your item level is suitable for the content.
3️⃣ Get familiar with raider requirements.
4️⃣ Talk to a recruiting officer.

❓ Will I have guaranteed spot in the raid if I have 100% attendance?

We are not a hardcore guild, therefore are not demanding a 100% attendance from all of our raiders, and are not guaranteed to have all our raiders to show up for every single raid. We chose to have a rather larger team of regular raiders Instead of having a backup player when one of our raiders cannot make it. We found a team size of 25-27 players most comfortable for us.
With that size of a team during the raids with fixed group size, and when everyone shows up, we need to leave someone out and/or rotate players during the raid to give everyone similar experience on the fights and eventual kills.
This choice has allowed us to keep raids going, without having to cancel due lack of numbers, while allowing our raiders to also live their real life.

❓ What to expect from a progression raid?

This is what you can expect from our progression raids:

🔸 Our raiders are prepared and know the fights before entering the raid.
🔸 The raid is paced and focused.
🔸 There are no lengthy discussions about reasons for fails as long as reasons are understood by everyone.
🔸 Swift recovery between wipes.
🔸 The trash between bosses is the time when voice channel is open for free chat: reflecting, loot and banter.
🔸 During the boss fights the voice channel is reserved to the raid leader; raiders only communicate the information related to one's role.
🔸 Our raiders are present in the raid 100% of time: no random AFKs, back from break on time. Absent players are removed from raid without hesitation.
🔸 All raid leader final decisions are accepted without further discussion.

❓ May I just see how your raids go before I decide to join?

For that purpose we have a trial period. You can join our raids for 2 weeks (4 raids) during which we will observe your performance and attitude and during which you will find out if the team suits you. We are accepting cross-realm trialists for that period. But we expect the character to transfer after the trial pass.
If your character is on another realm during pre-HoF period when cross-realm raiding for mythic raids is closed, you can tune to our streams during raid or see records of previous raids. If there are no current streams, you can ask an officer to arrange one for you.

❓ May I bring my alt to main raid?

Typically we do not want our players switching their main character during season as much as it is possible. We want to get maximum of raid-unique gear drops: we do not want rare trinkets we give to our raiders go offline; or change our group composition more often than it is necessary and having to find the missing roles/classes.
Please consider playing your main character until the end of season, and switch when team-leaders announce such an opportunity at the end of the season. You will have a chance to play your new character at the end of the season and to get used to it before the season starts. If for some reason you still absolutely need to switch your main character for the progression raid mid-tier, talk to an officer to find out if the switch is possible. Officer will consider the current situation and will let you know if it will be possible to take in your other character. For that many factors will be taken into consideration:

🔸 Is there replacement if the abandoned main character's class/role is important for the raid?
🔸 Is there opened spot for the new character?
🔸 Is character geared for the progression content?
🔸 Is the player as skillful and knowledgeable of the class/role they swap to as with their main.

Even after approving your switch you still may be asked to play on your old character for at least 2 weeks while we are looking for a possibly needed replacement.
As a result, the swapped-out character's spot may be opened up for recruiting, and the new character will be given a trial with a possibility to fail.
Thus, the raider swapping the main during tier has a chance to also lose the raid spot.

❓ How do you distribute loot ?

We are doing our best to distribute loot as fair as possible and benefit the team before a person while being fair to players too. Loot distribution decisions are final and are not questionable.
The mistakes or miscalculations still can be made. If you want to express your opinion on the loot distribution, you can bring your concerns to loot master/council during the raid. Please support your opinion with strong arguments and do not develop the topic any further than that. We absolutely sure will consider your opinion, but may not react on it as you may suggest. Keep in mind that we still have the anonymous feedback tools you can always use if you need to vent out without causing discomfort for people around.


Raider > Trial > Other


We are using RCLootCouncil to do distribution.

RCLootCouncil roll options are: Best in slot, Major Upgrade, Minor Upgrade, Offspec, Transmog, Pass

When making a decision follow the guidelines below:

🔸 Best in slot: In normal and heroic I will not be replacing this item until I will get same item in the next difficulty. In mythic I will not replace this item until next tier.
🔸 Major Upgrade: I will not be replacing this item until I get my best in slot item (see definition for best in slot above).
🔸 Minor Upgrade: I will replace it as soon as I will get something better.
🔸 Offspec, Transmog, Pass: self-explanatory.

BiS rolls for profession recipes are only accepted from guild crafters.

❓ What to expect from a trial period?

The goals of the trial are:

🔸 for the player if the vibe and the flow of our raids is suitable for them;
🔸 for our raid leader to see if the trial's performance, potential, weekly growth, attendance and attitude of the player is suitable for the group.

Typically trial in our raid group lasts for 4 attended raids.
Trial period can be extended if raid leaders are not convinced by either performance, attitude or due lack of attendance.
We are considering trialists who did not signup show for their first raid as not interested in raiding with us anymore and as a result we will fail their trial and remove from calendar invites and raid roster.
We are practicing cross-realm trial when the game allows it (post-HoF). We expect you to transfer and join the guild soon after passing the trial.

❓ Once I get promoted to raider, is it permanent?

In order to keep a functional team, we require active and performing players.
Raider can get demoted if:

🔸 frequently fails to set signup status;
🔸 has low (below 80%) attendance for an extended period of time;
🔸 shows destructive social behavior or sabotages raids;
🔸 consistently fails expectations;
🔸 does not deliver required performance.

In order to keep a functional team, we require active and performing players.
Officer team puts all effort to keep the raiders in the team, by regular reminders, warning, and by providing coaching needed to improve the raider's performance. Raiders who were demoted have a chance to return after removing the issues that caused the demotion.
If you were demoted, and willing to get back into raiding, please talk to officers to spot and help you to fix the issues.

❓ How does benching work?

In order to keep a functional team, we require active and performing players.

In order to keep raids consistent we aim for a team of 25-27 players 2 of which are tanks and 6 are healers. With this setup even when several our regular raiders cancel for whatever reason most of time we still were able to gather 20 people for a mythic raid. However if everyone shows up, we need to exclude 5-7 people. We are trying to give all raiders somewhat equal amount of field time to not only be fair to everyone, but to also keep our raiders' experience with encounters on a similar level.

To be able to kill late mythic bosses, when building a group we are looking at the composition and presence of all essential buffs and utilities at first. The remaining places will be distributed among the remaining raiders.

We keep a track of our raiders' activity: their signups history, attendance, benching, rotations, early leavings, being late, last minute bailouts.

All those may affect our decision on who to bring in on certain night and who to leave out. We value reliable raiders, but we also will not keep same raider on a bench more than others.

You having a solid off-spec may help us in times when we miss a required role, and give you an opportunity to play when otherwise you may have been benched.

We expect all our players to be on standby when on bench: turned discord notifications on, or be present in game on a character officers are aware about. When joining dungeon groups during standby, make sure your team mates will be fine with you having to leave mid of run if you are called in to raid.

❓ How to switch from one team to another?

While we wish our raid teams to be stable, we also wish our raiders to be happy.

At some point you may decide that the team you raid with does not fit you for one or another reason. Before switching a team, try to define what makes you want to do so. Some of your concerns or troubles may be solved within a team such as attitude of some players, or the pace of the raid. If the team's goals do not align with yours [anymore] fear not: being a raider with one team is not a life sentence.

To switch to another team:

1️⃣ DO notify your current team lead about your intentions;
2️⃣ check if you fit requirements for another team. They may be progressing deeper into raid than you do in the your current team and you may require higher item level and dps/hps output;
3️⃣ make sure there is an opening for your role/class, if there aren't you can also ask if the team you are aiming for may be able to fit you in anyway

Once you agreed about both leaving one team and joining the other we still would like you to keep going with your current team for another 2 weeks (4 raids) during which we will try to find you a replacement for you.

❓ Will I lose my raid spot if I go on break or holiday?

Holiday If you are going for a holiday, please notify officers just as usual, before the calendar invites are closed. Depending on the length of your absence, current roster situation and importance of your character's role in the team we may consider taking in a replacement. Short holidays that do not exceed 2 weeks (4 raids) normally will not cause you losing the spot. Please remember that we expect our raider to maintain overall above 80% attendance.

Game break If you decide to take a break for whatever reason we will look at it on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to replace you on the roster and therefore not guarantee a spot when you return. We will appreciate if you give us a 2 weeks (4 raids) of notice before you quit so we can find a replacement for you. Notice period will start counting after the raids for which roster is already announced. Regardless of the notification the raids during those two weeks will keep counting towards your attendance and will affect your profile when you chose to return.