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Christmas & Raid Report

Plus: a healer perspective on surviving Smolderon

Grouse Gang

Alliance Guild, Silvermoon, EU

December 22, 2023 by Mudwaters


Yesterday was the first day when we just went into the raid to clear heroic, from the start. And we recleared just about as much as we could hope: all the way up to Smolderon, then proceeded to wipe a couple of times to him, coming very close at a 6% wipe.


Now, surviving Smolderon is quite an issue, and an important one as we many times would have the opportunity to kill him had enough of us stayed alive. Myself I am no expert as my healing ramps frequently require me to stand still while there's a lot of things to dodge. But here's a healer take on the damage profile:

- Healers have to work hard every time the boss does his big soak-hit. This is to burst through the heal absorb, it is because we take increased amounts of predictable damage (from the intersection of several abilities) and unpredictable (yet avoidable) damage. The avoidable damage comes from getting hit my a tornado or standing on a swirly.
- The healers also work hard in the intermission, this is because there are moderate amounts of ticking, predictable damage.

Cooldown and defensive usage:
Us healers, we use our big cooldowns and bursts for this predictable damage every time. Sometimes we use raid defensives such as rallying cry for this. By default, you should never use your personal defensives for this type of predictable damage. You have to trust the healers and let the healers work it out. What you do need your personal defensives for - is a) going into intermission (or other high heal demand times) on low hp and b) getting hit by avoidable damage. In the case of the intermission, it's easy - get hit by a ring? Use a big defensive for the dot after. Outside of the intermission, it's not as easy, but sometimes you might want to proactively use a defensive when you're on the circle group and you're among all the tornadoes.



Those are some thoughts for our development as a group on this boss, feel free to add to them or tell me that I'm wrong, in the #raid-discussion!


Merry Christmas, everyone, and a happy new year! See you in January, if not before.