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Tuesday Raid Report

We are now 6/9! Well done! Christmas plans:

Grouse Gang

Alliance Guild, Silvermoon, EU

December 13, 2023 by Mudwaters for Season 3 Grouse Graiders

Last Update: 14 December 2023 by Mudwaters


After a big night of heroic progression raiding, we are now 6/9! Council killed without much issue. Nymue still puts out enormous amounts of damage, and Larodar is the healer boss, so two fights with extra healers - and actually 2 extra healers on Nymue but just 1 extra on Larodar. There's probably better ways to execute and avoid damage on Nymue...

Upcoming raid plans, preliminary:

14 December normal reclear

19 December heroic progression

21 December Thursday - heroic progression to stack our vaults for Christmas

26th & 28th of December - no raid

2nd of January (Tuesday) - probably raiding heroic.

We're starting to be there gear-wise, but especially since many of us won't play during Christmas, we will have a day in heroic for each of those weeks. No need to pug heroic for the vault, pug normal for your trinkets etc instead :)