Grouse Gang

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Thursday Raid Report

Short post on Thursday's highlights!

Grouse Gang

Alliance Guild, Silvermoon, EU

December 1, 2023 by Mudwaters


Full normal reclear where Council of Dreams really established itself as the arch enemy of the Grouse Gang. Over the whole night, there were several awesome parses - including double 99 parses on Fyrakk! Hymlar and Luster producing more dps every time we go in there...

Other highlights were further very rare necklace drops, a BIS item for many who can produce fire and/or nature damage regularly. We also got many set drops in the end - three from Fyrakk, and a few before that. And several good trinkets dropped.


We got one practice pull in on Council of Dreams just to get a bit of a feel. Tuesday we will start Volcoross, then continue fighting Council and actually kill them - so we can move on to Nymue and some sick caster drops.