Grouse Gang

Alliance Guild, Silvermoon, EU


The Grouse Gang

Hello all.

We are the Grouse Gang.

We are currently in the recruiting phase to do content in Dragonflight.

We intend for our Guild to be a relaxed and casual environment, but we also want to establish a sense of community within the GG.


Though we do intend to do Raids in Dragonflight, we don't expect you to give up your real life commitments, switch specs to one you don't enjoy, or other such common WoW bullshittery.


We want to have fun with a great group of players, that is paramount.


The only thing that is expect of you is to carry yourself well, toxicity is something that will not be tolerated. That being said, I hope this thing kicks off and we are able to create the environment that I know many players are looking for, and I look forward to playing with you fellow Grouses in the future .


Does the above sound like something that interests you?

Do you wish to become a part of our Gang?

Then feel free to apply here, or add me on Battle @ Holtzheim#2392!


Or join our Discord @

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