Grey Log Gang

Alliance Guild, Ravencrest, EU


103 5/25 7 Reports Audit


About Grey Log Gang

Grey Log Gang Gang

<Grey Log Gang> is a recently formed Alliance Guild situated on Ravencrest-EU.


The Guild Management and core players are all experienced and dedicated players who both currently and historically have pushed some of the hardest content the game has to offer & have decided to make a place where we can share that experience with others.


We actively participate in all forms of content ranging from Heroic & Mythic Raiding, M+ and Rated PvP so you'll be sure to find another player with similar interests here. We're all heavily social both inside and outside of Azeroth and one of the key pillars of Grey Log Gang is the social aspect with the guild discord being heavily utilised in everyday conversations to foster that real sense of comraderie.


The guild itself is currently 10/10 HC with aspirations to go as far as we can in Mythic whilst enjoying other formson content. Being newly formed we've got one eye on 9.1 and are looking to bolster our raiding team for the new patch however this isn't to say we're not still actively clearing current Content. We are proud of our relaxed competitive raiding environment and are led by a knowledgable Raid Leader who provides clear and concise tactics for each encounter as well as post-encounter feedback based on Logs Analysis to ensure everyone can raid to their fullest potential.


Being 18+ is a strict requirement, we don't shy away from difficult topics & repsectfully poke fun at each other at any given opportunity (Worth stressing that genuine toxicity is not tolerated).


Safe Travels, Cruxian.

Castle Nathria
10 / 10
10 / 10
5 / 10


We are always looking for exceptional players to join us and trial to ensure we are in the best possible position to achieve our aim. Please register your interest by applying below and one of our officers will be in touch.

Raid days: Monday & Thursday @ 20:30 SERVER TIME until 11:30 SERVER TIME


  1. Castle Nathria
  3.06.2021 (Thu)   SonnnyD
  2. Castle Nathria
  3.06.2021 (Thu)   cinnes
  3. Castle Nathria
  10.05.2021 (Mon)   ItsOnlyWill
  4. Castle Nathria
  6.05.2021 (Thu)   ItsOnlyWill
  5. Castle Nathria
  3.05.2021 (Mon)   ItsOnlyWill
  6. Castle Nathria
  2.05.2021 (Sun)   ItsOnlyWill
  7. Castle Nathria
  29.04.2021 (Thu)   ItsOnlyWill
  8. Castle Nathria
  27.04.2021 (Tue)   ItsOnlyWill
  9. Castle Nathria
  19.04.2021 (Mon)   ItsOnlyWill
  10. Castle Nathria
  17.04.2021 (Sat)   ItsOnlyWill
  11. Castle Nathria
  15.04.2021 (Thu)   ItsOnlyWill
  12. Castle Nathria
  12.04.2021 (Mon)   ItsOnlyWill
  13. Castle Nathria
  11.04.2021 (Sun)   ItsOnlyWill
  14. Castle Nathria
  8.04.2021 (Thu)   ItsOnlyWill
  15. Castle Nathria
  7.04.2021 (Wed)   ItsOnlyWill
  16. Castle Nathria
  5.04.2021 (Mon)   ItsOnlyWill
  17. Castle Nathria
  1.04.2021 (Thu)   ItsOnlyWill
  18. Castle Nathria
  30.03.2021 (Tue)   ItsOnlyWill
  19. Castle Nathria
  29.03.2021 (Mon)   ItsOnlyWill
  20. Castle Nathria
  25.03.2021 (Thu)   ItsOnlyWill
  21. Castle Nathria
  25.03.2021 (Thu)   ItsOnlyWill
  22. Castle Nathria
  23.03.2021 (Tue)   ItsOnlyWill