Goodnight Moon

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Goodnight Moon is a relatively new Raiding Guild LF additional friends to join us for Prog!

About Goodnight Moon

<Goodnight Moon> US-Mal'Ganis [H]

Friday and Saturday 8:00-10:00pm EST


About Goodnight Moon:

Goodnight Moon was formed at the start of Dragonflight with a group of friends looking to push Cutting Edge. As we progressed we quickly realized that this is not the direction we were seeking after all, and wanted something with a little less stress. We have since begun to pivot to a more casual environment to still kill bosses but with extra focus on friendships.

As a new Heroic Guild with our focus being Heroic difficulty, we WILL dabble with some Mythic if it fits for us. However, Mythic difficulty is NOT our priority. If we were to hit any sort of wall in Mythic, we will not not "grin and bear it." We at this point would either go back to Heroic or call Raid early and go partake in other activities together for the remainder of the night <3

What you can expect from us:

- A toxic-free environment that supports player growth both within a raid team and out partaking in other content.
- An all-inclusive Guild with no bias. We are an LGBTQ+, ethnic, and religiously diverse team and we take pride in that.
- Clear expectations of the Guild and regards to the Raid Plan. Anyone joining us knows that we are Heroic and M+ focused but will do some Mythic if we see fit as a whole.
- The only thing that we ask of you is that you show up on time, prepared, and ready to go. Should you be late or absent (Real life comes first) all we ask is that you let someone know so we can be ahead of attendance!

Raid Schedule:

Friday/Saturday 8:00-10:00pm EST (15minutes early for invites so please be on around 7:45pm EST)

Everyone is welcome EVEN if you are just a casual or a returning player simply looking for a home. The more the merrier it is with us (=


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Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope
9 / 9 WORLD 6,201 REGION 3,109 REALM 156
9 / 9 WORLD 7,113 REGION 3,048 REALM 157
3 / 9 WORLD 4,664 REGION 1,835 REALM 100
Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
9 / 9 WORLD 14,310 REGION 6,734 REALM 253
9 / 9 WORLD 8,234 REGION 3,679 REALM 198
3 / 9 WORLD 4,910 REGION 1,936 REALM 125
Vault of the Incarnates
8 / 8 WORLD 3,250 REGION 1,165 REALM 86
8 / 8 WORLD 2,711 REGION 971 REALM 75
3 / 8 WORLD 4,544 REGION 1,728 REALM 114


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Recruitment Wishlist

Immediate Spots For:


- Warlock

- Shaman Enhance/Ele

- Hunter or Rogue

- Death Knight

- Evoker or Mage



- Anything except for an Evoker or Druid



Ingame: Jazzarra-Mal'Ganis

Discord: Jazzy#5207 (Most responsive here)

Btag: Jazzy#1791

The best part? We do not do those old school applications, because who cares?!

While we are only looking for a few classes, everyone that may be interested in highly encouraged to reach out! We are very accommodating and will always try to find a solution to fit you in if at all possible! <3

Death Knight Death Knight
Death Knight Blood Death Knight Frost Death Knight Unholy
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter Havoc Demon Hunter Vengeance
Druid Druid
Druid Balance Druid Feral Druid Guardian
Evoker Evoker
Evoker Devastation
Hunter Hunter
Hunter Beast Mastery Hunter Marksmanship Hunter Survival
Mage Mage
Mage Arcane Mage Fire Mage Frost
Monk Monk
Monk Brewmaster Monk Windwalker
Paladin Paladin
Paladin Holy Paladin Protection Paladin Retribution
Priest Priest
Priest Discipline Priest Holy Priest Shadow
Rogue Rogue
Rogue Assassination Rogue Outlaw Rogue Subtlety
Shaman Shaman
Shaman Elemental Shaman Enhancement Shaman Restoration
Warlock Warlock
Warlock Affliction Warlock Demonology Warlock Destruction
Warrior Warrior
Warrior Arms Warrior Fury Warrior Protection


11.02.2024 (Sun)
4.02.2024 (Sun)
28.12.2023 (Thu)
17.12.2023 (Sun)
17.12.2023 (Sun)
16.12.2023 (Sat)
If you are taking screenshots within the game, to capture screenshots with better quality (default is 3/10 which is very low) type this macro into your chatbox:
/console screenshotQuality 10