Alt Raid - Key Information

Updates on the Alt-Raiding from w/c 24 May 2021 onwards.

Gnomicidal Maniacs

Horde Guild, Argent Dawn, EU

May 23, 2021 by Astus

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‘lo folks!


I wanted to give everyone, who is interested, an update with the Alt Raids and a few changes that we are going to be making.


Good news everyone! we will be continuing with them so long as we have enough people to do it. To help us with that decision, week on week, we will require everyone who wants to join to sign up via the site’s unique event which gets announced on the site and on Discord. We would ask that you do this with a minimum of 24 hours notice so that we can determine if we have enough people for the run to go ahead. We will put a call out into the guild on the day and only if we know we will be running. Therefore, it is critical that you confirm your attendance via the site!


We recommend the following addons, but it is not needed to have them:

  1. Deadly Boss Mods (
  2. WeakAuras (
  3. Castle Nathria WeakAura (
  4. Wicked Blade Addon (Big fat dot)
  5. Pairing up these two addons and will assign and help with the soaks.


Moving forward we will be using the minimum requirements as listed below:

  • A basic understanding of the mechanics - If you are not sure, there are various guides on YouTube, and here are the FatBoss guides:  
  • Flasks & Enchants – At the very least all 200ilvl or higher should ‘ideally’ be enchanted and you will need to bring the suitable flask for your class/role. The flasks last through death and, while can cost a bit of gold, it will ensure a smooth run.
  • A-Game - It is an alt run (and also a run for folk who don’t normally raid, or who are on their first level 60 toon) and while we will have fun, talk crap and do random stuff, we ask that everyone brings their A-Game to ensure a smooth clear and a positive experience for everyone involved.
  • Raid Leader – The assigned raid leader will be the one heading up the run, it is important that anyone in the group pays attention to any instructions given at that time.
  • Feasts – The guild will provide feasts for the run, however, if you need special food for your class/role, then you will need to have enough for the run.


We ask these requirements of you in the spirit of teamwork and being respectful towards the time, energy, and effort we all pour into making this guild and the things we do together, including alt-raids, as smooth, fun and glorious as possible.


If you want to join the alt-raid, but cannot meet these requirements, feel free to talk to an officer about it beforehand.