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Gnomicidal Maniacs

Horde Guild, Argent Dawn, EU

May 4, 2021 by Astus

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‘lo folks,

It has been a little while since we had a proper update on the guild and how we are doing as a group, so here are some great things we have achieved recently!!


The raid team got the Ahead of the Curve achievement for Castle Nathria’s Denathrius, a huge achievement for a group that never thought it would get to Heroic raiding.  We are now trying to get him on farm and get a few of the folk who were missing that day the achievement for their collection.  If you are interested in helping out, give an Officer person a message and we’ll keep your name on record etc.


The Sanctum of Domination Raid Expression form is now open.  This form is going to allow us to see a few things like roles we can fill, specs, utility and so on.  While it isn’t a ‘sign up’ form per se, it allows us to plan the team, fill roles and sort out the logistics needed for something like this.

Closer to the time when we start setting dates and arranging the team, finer details will be discussed – so if you fill in the form now and decide you want to change character or spec later, that’s fine!  This is just an expression of interest and nothing in here is set in stone, but rather an ‘I’d like to do this for the raid team’


Want to know more get in touch with an Officer, or want to express your interest then fill this in; https://bit.ly/3aVJMn4


The site is undergoing some changes from the Dev and I cannot wait to see these things introduced, it will help us a lot when it comes to organisation and communication outside of the game. As we discuss the site, the Report suite gives a good insight into some facts/figures of the guild, and for those who love that kind of thing, feel free to go have a look.


One thing that I am extremely pleased and proud about is the community of this guild.  There have been a few members who have said they really love the guild, that we are friendly and actually care about our members, even to the point of checking in with them when they are not in-game.  This is something that we should all be proud of, a place we make mistakes, mess around, achieve things we want to and keeping it fun and simple – as it is a game after all, and who has time for drama?!


Keeping in line with good things, we recently saw some promotions.  These individuals have gone above and beyond in supporting the guild, in their new positions they are better suited to drive forward the community and activities and support our members wherever they can.  A huge congratulations to them all!

Lodanas has been promoted to the position of Council
Motomo & Tirnak have been promoted to the position of Officer

Remember, though, you do not need to be an officer to arrange things with the guild, this is your community and if there’s something you want to do then let’s see what we can arrange.  Have an idea for something fun, or an achievement you want to get but need a hand?  Then arrange something, and if you want it in the guild calendar & on the site, give a Veteran or someone on the Leadership team a message with the details and they’ll get that sorted for you!


One final thing; a few of the guild members RP on the server.  This is not something I’ve ever done nor do I have any experience in.  However, if people want to arrange something under the name of the guild then please get in touch and we can discuss our options and so forth!


As always, thank you for making this a great community and something we can be proud of.