We did it... eventually!

It was a slog. A grind, and even dangerous territory with our other halves, but we finally managed to down him!

Gnomicidal Maniacs

Horde Guild, Argent Dawn, EU

April 18, 2021 by Astus

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It was Friday, a normal day and a few folk from the normal roster were unable to make the raid that night and we had not set our expectations too high, but everyone was in good spirits and the banter was flowing, unlike this anima.


We entered into the raid thinking we had saved our progress, but for whatever reason, the save had not registered and we were left at the very beginning.  Thankfully, our trusty monk, Lodanas, had managed to get the fourth head and we could skip some of those bosses that made us shudder.  We were happy with this and it was another chance to get some of our folk some additional gear, which I am pleased to say we did.


After a warmup attempt on Generals we finally got to Denathrius, by this point we have over 100 collective attmpts on this collection of muscle and arrogance, and as low as we were on our team, we didn't give up hope.


On attempt (around) 103 he finally went down.  It was a valliant effort by everyone involved and I am so pleased with the team for pushing through and finally getting him down.  This was a collective guild effort and without the support of the folks who are with us for this journey we wouldn't have been able to do it.


Congratulations you Maniacs!