Horde Guild • Draenor • EU • Retail TIER 3 GUILD



Guild - Was created by a small group of friends early last year with the aims to just enjoy the raid times with eachother. We started out as 10 players who managed to cleare Heroic and normal on all teirs. and previous teirs in a different guild

As the time as moved on we are now looking to dip our toes into mythic, be it a few bosses or more- who knows.

We are looking for like minded individuals who can have fun with the limted time we play together and get the bosses down.

We raid Sundays and wednesdays.

If you're interested please join the discord - https://discord.gg/x6sbQyXVhy-
or add catalieportman on discord.

Gild recruits; Characters on Europe • Retail region. Preferred
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