Fowl Play

Alliance Guild, Dalaran, US


Great Leaps Into 9.1

Welcome to 9.1! The long awaited patch is finally here. Fowl Play is ready to set the world on fire!

Fowl Play

Alliance Guild, Dalaran, US

July 8, 2021 by Entka

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The long awaited release of 9.1 is finally here. Fowl Play is and has been anticipating this moment since it's mention of release months ago. With a roster quickly approaching 300 members, our events and participation have seen a dramatic increase. Mythics are being ran every night with some of our more knowledgebale members of the guild to prepare and initiate our new friends into our strategies, but mostly our personalities. It has been a great success. Deron and Fick (guild officers) have taken the routes and planning very serious and have been super inclusive for all who show interest in running mythics to prepare.

On the raiding side of things, our faithful leader, Alfredgg is planning on running our very first normal raid progression night on Friday this week. With open enrollment, we are anticipating record numbers. It should be a pretty fun night and look forward to everyone being together once again.

Discord is where we manage our events as far as chat and event planning so it is encouraged all members join the server. In addition to WOW there is plenty of other communities jammed in there - if you happen to have the case of the burn outs.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to submit an application to join. Please do. We welcome all new, old, in-between, casual, and competitive players to the guild. We only ask one thing of you - stay respectful, stay helpful, and stay yourself.