Facta Non Verba

Alliance Guild • Arathor • US • Retail


Code of Conduct

FNV was founded to be a casual, friendly, fun, mature social guild. To ensure these principles are maintained we have created an FNV Code of Conduct for all members. Our primary rule is that we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. As such, our rules concern behaviour first and foremost.

Facta Non Verba

Alliance Guild, Arathor, US

March 22, 2020 by Tabitha007

Last Update: 8 August 2020



1. Respect others. We earn respect by giving respect. There is no elevation between the officers and regular members other than  responsibility. Do not cause undue stress or be disruptive within the guild. In short, don’t be a jerk and don't be needy.

2. We all play to have fun. Don't ruin it for other people. We love being social and we love humour so long as it does not cross the line of decency.

3. No drama. Don’t cause it and don’t make yourself the subject of it. Please do not ruin the playtime of others or be the cause of other members not wanting to logon.

4.  As a member of FNV, you are expected to be ethical as you represent our community and wear our tag in and around Azeroth. Please do not do anything that reflects negatively on the reputation of FNV or its members. (I’m talking to you, Giant Mount on quest giver guy…)

5. Disputes should be handled privately, not in group chat. If you can’t resolve an issue privately, go to an officer. And be nice. Assume things are a mistake first.

6.  Materials from the bank are only for supplemental levelling or to fill out your materials if you are crafting and are short. The removal of any items or materials to sell for personal gain (AH or private sale) or for use outside the guild is not permitted. Further bank rules are found in that section and in guild bank info tabs. 

7.  Leaving the guild - if a guild member leaves the guild without prior discussion (rage quit), any application to return to the guild will require unanimous approval by all officers. A second instance means the player has gone for good.