Facta Non Verba

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Devra of Darnassus

"I can fly!"

Facta Non Verba

Alliance Guild, Arathor, US

March 17, 2020 by Devra

Last Update: 18 March 2020


Devra is a Night Elf Druid and only one of many sisters who took up sword, staff and wand against the enemies of the Alliance and Azeroth. But their stories may be lost in the Missing Archives. Unfortunately, Devra has suffered so many head injuries in the plethora of battles she has endured, she doesn't remember much about her past. But she remembers the burning of Teldrassil. Oh, yes. She remembers that.

The strange Other that haunts Devra's dreams, that Other which seems to be some kind of puppet master, has been roaming Azeroth since it "came off the shelf". This is a phrase from antiquity and Devra continues to search for clues as to its meaning. In her dreams, there are elusive enigmas about the Other: Warcrack "Pusher", coersing different Others to "play", a Founder and the First? Perhaps, like understanding the Titans and Old Gods, Devra will someday understand these odd echos.

Devra is a healer at heart but she does love to get into a good fight. She has an unfortunate habit of asking, "What does this do?" just as she presses a button or pulls a lever she ought not to have touched.

While contributing to the wellbeing of those she loves and cares for was her primary motive to become a Druid, Devra's innate affinity with nature made the choice ... well, natural. Of course, the ability to shapeshift was a strong pull. But above all else, Devra loves to fly. Snapping into flight form and taking to the sky, the wind rustling her feathers, dipping and turning with the air currents, watching the world from far above -- Devra is never as happy as when she can fly.